Kimagure Orange Road (eBook 4)

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Title: Kimagure Orange Road
Volume: eBook 4
Distributor: Digital Manga Publishing

Release date: 2014-08-28

ISBN-13: 9781613137659 9781613137659

Kasuga is a junior high student with ESP powers. His indecisive nature has him stuck in a love triangle with two girls, Hikaru and Ayukawa. However, he finds himself starting to get closer to Ayukawa and spending more time with her than before. Not only that, but Kasuga isn’t the only one with his eyes on Hikaru. Will he be able to choose between the two? Or will Hikaru get stolen away? To make matters even more complicated, Kasuga discovers that a few boys have their eyes on his sisters as well, forcing him to step up to protect them.

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