Results Announced for Prince of Stride Idol Group April Fool's Election

posted on by Amanda Whalen

Results were announced for an April Fool's Day election where fans voted for which Prince of Stride: Alternative characters they wanted to see as an idol group. The full story, including thanks from the characters, will appear in the June issue of Dengeki Girl's Style magazine on May 10.


First place went to character Reiji Suwa.

Second place went to Hozumi Kohinata.

Third place went to Bantaro Chiyomatsu.

Fourth place went to Tasuku Senoo.

Fifth place, and the final spot in the joke idol group, went to Heath Hasekura.

The Prince of Stride: Alternative anime aired from January to March 2016 for a total of 12 episodes. It was streamed by Funimation. The series is based on Kadokawa's Prince of Stride otome game and was also adapted into a stage play.

Source: Nijimen

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