In This Corner of the World Staff Reunite for Promotional Short Anime

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Promotional anime short for Otafuku Sauce is 1st of 3 planned shorts

Food and seasoning company Otafuku Sauce began streaming an anime short on Wednesday titled "Watashi no Na wa Ōtafukuko ~Chiisana Shiawase o, Chikyū no Shiawase ni~. (Borderless Happiness)"

The short portrays the main character Ōtafukuko, a 1,028-year-old woman, making and sharing Issenyōsho in a scene set in Hiroshima after the Second World War. Issenyōsho is considered one of the early dishes that would eventually inspire okonomiyaki. October 10, the day the short went live, is "Okinomiyaki Day" in Japan.

The short reunites the staff of the anime film adaptation of Fumiyo Kouno's In This Corner of the World manga. The short's main character Ōtafukuko is based on a character from Kouno's Hyakuichi manga. Sunao Katabuchi, the director of the In This Corner of the World film, directed and wrote the short in MAPPA. Minori Omi, who voiced the character Michiko in the film, voiced Ōtafukuko in the short. kotringo returned to work on the music.

The short is the first of three planned shorts, with the second slated for early November, and the third slated for early December.

Source: Otafuku Sauce YouTube channel, Comic Natalie

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