Yoshiki and Marilyn Manson to Release 'Series of Incredible Titles'

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The French magazine Numéro published an interview with YOSHIKI, musician and founder of X Japan, on Wednesday. The magazine highlights the history of the artist, from his time as a child to his newest projects #SING4LIFE, and an upcoming collaboration with Marilyn Manson.


YOSHIKI stated he worked with his "great friend" and globally known artist Marilyn Manson on new titles that should be released, he hopes, “really soon”.

I'm sorry I couldn't work with David [Bowie] and many other wonderful artists who left us too soon! I am currently working with Marilyn Manson. I think we managed to create a series of incredible titles which, I hope, will be available soon. Marilyn isn't only an outstanding artist, he is also a great friend!

YOSHIKI added he was invited by his friends Marc Benioff (CEO of SaleForce) and to join the project #SING4LIFE. The project is a collaboration between Bono, Jennifer Hudson, and YOSHIKI that merged into the ”Sing for Live” video. The song was based on Bono's previous song, "Let Your Love Be Known”. YOSHIKI explained that the “physical distance” which is necessary in the current situation is not a “social distance”. According to him, “We can stay connected through music”.

The whole interview can be read, in French, here.

X Japan's most notable anime contributions were the songs in the music video collection and later X movie. The animation Studio Madhouse adapted both productions from CLAMP's X manga. The surviving band members — Toshimitsu "Toshi" Deyama, Yoshiki Hayashi, Tomoaki "Pata" Ishizuka, and Hiroshi "Heath" Morie — reunited in 2007, ten years after they first disbanded and nine years after the death of Matsumoto.

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