PlayStation 5 Design Inspires Sexy Anime Girl Fanart

posted on by Kim Morrissy

Details about the PlayStation 5 were announced through Sony's online reveal event on Thursday, and the console's design inspired hundreds of memes and fanart within hours of the showcase. Naturally, that includes numerous attempts to turn the PlayStation 5 into an anime girl from artists across the world. Here's a brief showcase of some of the art that's been floating around Twitter:

The artist MHK Mujun Hakase also released popular artwork of the PlayStation 5 on Pixiv, which in turn inspired more fanart such as the illustration below:

The event was originally scheduled for June 4 but was postponed to June 11 "to allow more important voices to be heard" in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests. The PS5 is slated to ship during this year's holiday season.

Thanks to Callum for the news tip

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