Kamen Rider Gaim x Kamen Rider Drive Film's Main Trailer Unveiled

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Movie will premiere in Japan on December 13

The official website for the Kamen Rider Gaim x Kamen Rider Drive Yoroi Movie: Daisen Full Throttle film began streaming the main trailer for the film on Saturday. The video features the film's main theme song, "sing my song for you ~Sayonara no Mukougawa Made~" (~Beyond the Goodbye~) by M.M.E.D. with TEAM Drive and Gaim.

Police man: There he is!
Police: Where!?
Police man: There!
Lupin: I have taken the name of Kamen Rider!
Narrator: The name of Kamen Rider is stolen!?
Boy: He's the legendary phantom thief, Ultimate Lupin.
Belt-san: Let's go, Shinnosuke.
Shinnosuke: Transform!
Voice: Drive!
Narrator: This winter, Kamen Rider accelerates!
Lupin: Kamen Rider Lupin...
Narrator: What is the greatest incident that crossed the bounds of space and time?
Man: This is bad... It appears we've entered the worst situation.
Narrator: Now, Lupin's true identity will be unveiled!
Weapon: Shinnosuke... You have to stop Lupin...
Shinnosuke: Belt-san!!
Narrator: Next is Gaim! Invaders who came suddenly from the sky!
Girl: The world will be overtaken by the Megahex!
Narrator: The armored riders come back together once again!
Man: Sorry to keep you waiting, my friend.
Boy: Let's fight together!
All: Transform!
Boy: We're going to save humanity! Let's go!
Narrator: Drive and Gaim stand up against the world's greatest crisis!
Boy: It looks like that guy's our mutual enemy.
Narrator: Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider: Drive & Gaim Movie Taisen Full Throttle! Opening on December 13!
Gaim Rider: You can go faster, right!?
Shinnosuke: I'm going slower because you won't shut up!

Toei describes the story:

The final appearance of Gaim! The greatest incident for Drive!

The Movie Taisen series is one that has undertaken the soul of justice as it lets Riders from history meet each other and fight. In that history, now, a new page is written.

Kamen Rider heads towards its shocking climax, and beyond that final stage is a heroic story just waiting for the heroes. The new warriors Kamen Rider Drive break the rules by not appearing on bikes, but in cars. As detective Riders, they stand up against bizarre cases. And so, in front of these two Riders, a phantasmagoric. non-stop battle of fruits and cars explodes!

Is this the fate of those who become Kamen Riders? For the sake of freedom, for the sake of peace, the door to the next era opens!

The movie will premiere in Japan on December 13. Those who purchase pre-sale tickets can choose from either Kamen Rider Gaim or Kamen Rider Drive keychains.

Kamen Rider Drive premiered on October 5. Gen Urobuchi wrote the story for Kamen Rider Gaim.

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