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The Last -Naruto the Movie- Teased with 'Teary Naruto Love' Video, 3 Ads

posted on by Egan Loo
Naruto footage interwoven with fan comments on manga's end

The official website for The Last -Naruto the Movie- is streaming a "Naruto Love Special Video that brought tears to Naruto fans" for one week, starting on Saturday. The same video debuted at the movie's advance screening on November 24. It features the "Naruto Love" comments written by fans all over the world to commemorate the original Naruto manga's ending, interleaved with footage of Naruto growing up "that can't be watched without tears." The "Hoshi no Utsuwa" (Star Vessel) theme song by Sukima Switch plays in the background.

November 10, 2014
Naruto manga ends

Lots of love poured onto the movie's home page.
Our love for Naruto will not end.

Naruto's frank words helped me countless times — Sacchan

It taught me what is precious in life. — Mao

I received "The guts to never give up!" — Tosshii

I grew up alongside Naruto. — Various

I was touched at the feelings of treasuring comrades. — Pirokichi

I learned about the feelings of parents to their child. — Mako

Thank you for teaching me about warmth. — Satokarupaccho

I always had my heart touched by Naruto's straight-forward feelings. — Shigeryo

I want to see them grow with my own eyes. — Fuyuna

I also, "will be straight-forward, and won't go back on my word!" (a reference to Hinata's line) — tomo

The entire world is resonating with their straight-forward ninja way. — Thank you so much

I was touched by each character's philosophy of life. — yune Because I knew the characters had such hard pasts, and fought even though they were hurt, I was able to do my best as well. — Hare

I get the feeling that we're taking on the feelings of those who have died. I want to become that kind of person with such a strong will. — takotako

It taught me "strength." — MINAMI

Naruto is my hero. — R.S

I learned words from Naruto. I learned strength. I learned morals. I learned everything. — Ryugami no Hone

Naruto is life's textbook. — Piisuke

It's a precious part of my life. — Yune

Everything is for the sake of a new era...

I think that The Last isn't the end, but the beginning of a new path. — The guts to never give up

The website also posted three television commercials — "Monologue," "Naruto," and "Action" — on Saturday:

Weekly Shonen Jump and Jump J Books describe the story of the movie and its novelization:

The moon has begun moving closer to Earth! As it is, the moon will crumble and meteorites will rain down on Earth's surface. As the last days of Earth approach, Hanabi Hyūga is abducted by a mysterious man in Konoha, and Naruto, Sakura, Sai, Shikamaru, and Hinata set off on a rescue mission! Can Naruto and the others overcome this crisis?

The Last -Naruto the Movie- will open in Japanese theaters on December 6, and it will be the first Naruto film in two years. The film is also part of the larger "Naruto Shin Jidai Kaimaku Project" (Naruto's New Era Opening Project) marking the 15th anniversary of the original manga.

Manga creator Masashi Kishimoto is credited with the original story, character designs, and chief story supervisor of the film. In particular, he is drawing new designs for the title character in the movie, as well as for other characters. Tsuneo Kobayashi (The Twelve Kingdoms, Emma: A Victorian Romance, Kurokami The Animation) is directing the film, and Sukima Switch is contributing the main theme song as well as voice-acting ninja.

The first 1.5 million filmgoers who see The Last -Naruto the Movie- in theaters will receive a bonus Official Movie Book Naruto Hiden Retsu no Sho. The book is a spinoff of the Naruto: The Official Character Data Book series. The limited-edition official fan book in theaters will include a manga drawn exclusively for the movie by original Naruto manga creator Masashi Kishimoto. Weekly Shonen Jump teases that the back of the book will feature a mysterious illustration. The first 1.5 million filmgoers will also receive one of three original stickers of Naruto, Kakashi, or Sasuke.

The Naruto manga by Masashi Kishimoto ended in Shonen Jump on November 10 after 15 years of serialization. A new mini-series by Kishimoto with "a newly budding Konoha story" will launch next spring.

Thanks to Dennis R and Saiyan Island for the news tips

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