Final Fantasy XV Reveals Chocobo Riding, Fishing Minigame in Video

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Square Enix reveals more info about characters Regis, Luna

Square Enix revealed new gameplay footage of its Final Fantasy XV PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game during a stage event at Tokyo Game Show on Saturday. The footage features Noctis and the other main characters riding on Chocobos, as well as the game's fishing minigame.

Although the Active Time Report stage event was livestreamed in Japanese, Square Enix will release an English-subtitled version of the video in the near future. In the meantime, Square Enix posted an English video summary of the stage event.

During the stage event, game director Hajime Tabata revealed more information about the characters King Regis (Noctis' father) and the heroine Luna. Regis is the king of the Kingdom of Lucis, which is the only country that stands between the Niflheim Empire and world domination. The Kingdom of Lucis is able to defy the Niflheim Empire because of the crystal's power. Regis is the current guardian of the crystal, and in his youth he fought beside Cid and General Cor (see screenshot below). Regis too can "wield weapons from thin air." Regis' rapid aging is due to the energy he uses to maintain the shield that protects Lucis. Regis' wife and Noctis' mother died when Noctis was an infant.

The stage event revealed that Luna is a courageous and highly respected oracle who can speak to the gods. She is the youngest oracle ever. She lives in Tenebrae, a city that is under the control of the Niflheim Empire, but the city is able to keep some of its autonomy because of Luna. Luna made a certain promise with Noctis when they were younger. The artwork Tabata showed of Luna during the presentation featured a black-haired woman, whose name has been revealed as Gentiana. Square Enix noted that she "plays an important role."

Square Enix plans to release Final Fantasy XV in 2016, and the company will reveal the game's release date at a special event in March. The game will launch worldwide simultaneously.

Screenshots via Dengeki Online

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