Kodansha Comics Licenses 5 New Manga for Digital Debut in June

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2 other titles debut for Kodansha Classics line

Kodansha Comics listed five new manga titles on its website that will debut digitally in June 2020. The following titles are new licenses that will release over consecutive Tuesdays over the month:

Title: Stellar Witch LIP☆S (Majo Kaitō LIP☆S)
Author: Hana Kagami, Kotoko Ichi
Debut Date: June 2
Synopsis: Miku Hoshino is a just a regular girl who thinks of nothing but her favorite idol, Rei, from the totally popular group M.A.G. When her school duties make her miss the concert she was desperately hoping to go for, she does what any girl would do—takes the help of a witch! But when the witch turns Miku into a witch, too, her life becomes anything from ordinary...and a certain keen-eyed detective seems determined to keep it that way!

Title: Hop Step Sing!
Author: Kodansha, Rei Kodama, Yui Asube
Debut Date: June 9
Synopsis: Shy Niina Nijikawa loves to sing, but hates to perform—the thought of an audience scares her speechless—which leaves her dreams of being an idol dead in the water. But when a classmate introduces her to the world of VR, her world opens up...and she finds that becoming an idol—a VR idol—is within her reach after all!

Title: Men's Life: Her Secret Life in The Boys' Dormitory
Author: Ayu Watanabe
Debut Date: June 16
Synopsis: Mio loves radio, where she can be herself in private while still sharing her interests with the world—totally unlike her twin brother, Yuuta, the popular extrovert on the volleyball team. But when the love of Yuuta's life decides to study abroad in Australia, he asks Mio to do the unthinkable—go to school in his place! Suddenly Mio is thrust not only into the world of volleyball, but of men's dorms...and must do whatever she can to keep her secret!

Title: Abe-kun's Got Me Now! (Abe-kun ni Nerawaretemasu)
Author: Aki Iwai
Debut Date: June 23
Synopsis: Akari couldn't think less of her school's karate champ, Abe-kun, despite him being the national champion. He's giant, uncouth, and couldn't be more different than her sweet angel and childhood friend, Takuto. But when Abe-kun injures his arm protecting her, she takes it upon herself to get him healed—after all, the school's pride is at stake—but finds the tables suddenly turned when he confesses to her! Now she's the goal he's aiming for, and she'll soon find out how driven a national champion can be!

Title: When We Shout for Love (Bokura ga Ai wo Sakebu Toki)
Author: Yuka Kitagawa
Debut Date: June 30
Synopsis: Clumsy, shy MAYUKO has two true loves in life: being wrapped up in her futon, and listening to the latest from her favorite girl group, KBF47. She spends her lunches alone listening to their music and indulging in fan bliss, but on the one day she decides to practice one of their songs, who should catch her but the school's infamous lone wolf, Ooba-kun! Mortified, MAYUKO is frozen in place...until Ooba-kun reveals he's a KBF47 fan, too! Their unlikely friendship gives MAYUKO the confidence to grow, but the pair attracts attention, and not all eyes are friendly...! A charming tale of youth, friendship, and the power of shared fandom.

In July 2019, Kodansha Comics announced during an Anime Expo panel that it had acquired the licenses for CLAMP's Chobits and Clover manga series. Kodansha Comics will also publish these titles in June as part of the Kodansha Classics line.

Kodansha's "Comic Days" manga website had previously launched Hop Step Sing! in both English and Japanese in July 2019.

Kodansha USA Publishing, which handles Kodansha Comics, announced in April that it is delaying many of its print releases scheduled for spring and summer 2020 to later in the year due to the impact of the current "global health crisis."

Thanks to Kim for the news tip.

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