New Anime Video for Dream Theater's "Forsaken"

Dream Theater is premiering the video for its new single, “Forsaken,” Saturday night on Headbangers Ball. The video will be accessible through immediately following the broadcast.

Amusement Park Media's Joey Goubeaud executive produced the video, hooking up Dream Theater with Gonzo's Yasufumi Soejima, who directed it. The attached stills are from the video.

Below is Q&A with video director Yasufumi Soejima (Gankutsuou, Animatrix).

- How did the storyline come about- was it a collaborative effort?

SOEJIMA: The story was created by combining the Vampire image that the band gave me, together with the original story that the band was inspired by (i.e.Turgenev's Phantom), and I have turned it into a Sci-Fi translated story.

- Have you worked with many bands in the past?

SOEJIMA: I have worked with Linkin Park, The Stranglers, and the Japanese musician Perfume.

- How was creating a music video different from other projects you've worked on?

SOEJIMA: The band provided us a lot of liberty, and enabled me to work with ideas and concepts that I would not be able to have in standard animation production. It was very interesting.

- What is your favorite part of the video?

SOEJIMA: My favorite cut is the last scene where the male character stands up. I wanted to leave a message that the man who was cut out of the society, and the woman that is cut out from the machine world meet, and are abandoned from the world. And in the end, they are freed from the world.

- Can you tell us a little about the 2 main characters?

Male character: An innocent guy that only wanted to have a human like warm living. However, the inhumane world abandoned him, took away "freedom" and "warmth", and jailed him.
Female character: An Android that was made as the toy of ancient regime. Since made as a toy, after a while she would be stored in the warehouse. She longs for "freedom" and "warmth"and inside the male character's blood, a lot of those feelings were packed. As the two strive for "freedom" and "warmth", their feelings become together through the blood- and the journey of the "Abandoned" starts.

- How was the overall experience working with Dream Theater?

SOEJIMA: Dream Theater gave me a lot of creative liberty and thus it was very interesting. I enjoyed very much.

- Do you plan to do any more music videos in the future?

SOEJIMA: Yes, I would like to continue producing music clips.

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