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Torrance, Calif. June 2, 2008 –, the ecommerce site operated by Bandai Visual USA, announced today the details of the third title for their streaming video service, which offers fans a legal option to view a full episode of Bandai Visual USA titles.

Starting on June 2, 2008, fans will be able to screen the first episode of Galaxy Angel Rune on dot-anime (Full URL:

The video streaming service will be available to fans based in the USA and Canada. Each streamed episode will be available for three months after its starting date. Fans must meet the following computer system requirements to use dot-anime's new video streaming service:
• Microsoft Windows XP or later
• Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or above
• Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 or above

For more information on the streaming service and user support refer to the FAQ located on

[About Galaxy Angel Rune]
The popular moe comedy series Galaxy Angel now comes back to USA with a brand-new look! Featuring new pretty girls as main characters, Galaxy Angel Rune will steal your hearts with hyper-powered moe appeal and hard core sci-fi action. Be sure to check out the performance of “Team Rune Angel,” a singing group formed by the voice actresses of the main characters. The Rune Angel Troupe is starting up!!

[Story of Galaxy Angel Rune] Hi! It's nice to meet you, this is Apricot Sakuraba. Please call me Rico! We, the Angel Troupe, are working hard to preserve peace in the galaxy!! Anise-san is especially on the edge because she owes money to people. She's amazing, and maybe I should be more like her. But when I see carefree, cat-like Nano-chan sunbathing, I lose that thought... Kahlua-san is continuing to explode her lab with her magical experiments, but I'm still looking forward to the day she succeeds. Oh, and she promised that when she turns into Tequila, she will show me a good way to overcome my fear of men...but it might be something that our captain, Lily-san may get seriously upset for being “against the way.” Anyway, please support us either way!

[About] is a North American version of, a Japanese website dedicated to bringing anime directly to fans via the internet. At dot-anime in Japan, fans can watch over 400 titles and 4000 episodes of anime, download thousands of anime songs, and purchase their favorite anime DVDs and CDs with a click of their mouse. is planning to roll out similar services to the North American fans.

[About Bandai Visual USA Inc.]
BANDAI VISUAL USA INC. was established in 2005 as a wholly owned subsidiary of BANDAI VISUAL CO., LTD. with a mission to facilitate stronger, more active involvement in positioning, marketing and distribution of BANDAI VISUAL programs in North America. From its base in Torrance, California, BANDAI VISUAL USA seeks to form new alliances and reinforce existing ties in an effort to strengthen BANDAI VISUAL's international presence as a producer and content provider in the ever expanding and diversified specialty programs market.

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