Hanabee Announces Koimonogatari for Release in February

Hanabee Entertainment is bringing Volume 5 of Monogatari Series Second Season to Australia and New Zealand with Koimonogatari.

This combo DVD & Bluray pack will be released on the 4th of March 2015!


RELEASE DATE:04/03/2015
SRP – $49.99 (COMBO DVD/BR)
  • Continuing the exceptional Monogatari Series
  • Preorder made available January 2015
  • Huge fan-base and cult following


This is a love story told with doubt.

The destined day for Hitagi to fulfill her promise to Nadeko is fast approaching. To save Araragi's life, she is about to enlist the help from the last person who expected to hear from her – Kaiki Deishuu. A reluctant participant, Kaiki might have agreed to his biggest con when his victim is a God.


  • Includes 5 episodes.
  • To be released in a combo DVD/BR format
  • Original Japanese audio and subbed only.
  • Includes clean opening & closing.

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