Spiritpact -Bond of The Underworld-: Trailer, New Key Visual, Music Information and Event Revealed

Trailer, New Key Visual, Music Information and Event Revealed!

「Spiritpact」(original work:霊契) is a popular web-manga published on Tencent Comic plateform. On January 2018, it has accumulated more than 3.4 billion of pages views. Adapted into animation by Haoliners, Spiritpact gathered numerous fans after its broadcast. Now is the time to finally reveal the PV of this new season! As they share a bond between Human and Spirit, Tanmoku Ki and You Keika will both explore their memories to look for some truth regarding their past. Who is the man wearing a mask and what is his relationship with You Keika and Tanmoku Ki? 1st episode on Air on February 24th ! Don't miss it !

Official website:spiritpact2.com
Official Twitter:@spiritpact
Official Hashtag:#スピパク
©️TENCENT Animation& Comics /SPIRITPACT TENCENT Production Committee

PV: https://youtu.be/BY2Qsnw5fBw

●New Character/Cast
Shinryu Sekijin 神龍昔仁 | CV:Chiba Susumu 千葉進歩

Character Presentation
Older Brother of Shinryu Shouken and head of the Shinryu Clan.Being much
older than Shouken,he is severe but still love his brother. He is the one who sent
Shouken to the Tanmoku family. Sekijin isan important character is this second

●Opening Music Information
「SPIRITPACT-Bond of The Underworld-」Opening Theme 『体温』 by Shuta Sueyoshi

Member of AAA, Shuta Sueyoshi release his first solo album「JACK IN THE BOX」
Shuta Sueyoshi/体温
words:末吉秀太/吉田 司
music:吉田 司/奈須野新平

First solo album「JACK IN THE BOX」released on January 3rd (Avex)

Japan Tour starts From February 2nd:

2 月2 日:Fukuoka International Main Hall
2 月17 日:Zepp Namba/
2 月23 日:SendaiPIT
3 月11 日:Zepp Sapporo
3 月21 日:Zepp Nagoya
3 月25 日:Zepp Tokyo
4 月11 日:Nippon Budokan

Official HP http://avex.jp/ss/
Twitter https://twitter.com/shuuty_ss

●Ending Music Information
「SPIRITPACT-Bond of The Underworld-」Ending Theme Song『I'll be there』is sung by Roys.

Roys/I'll be there

The single「I'll be there」is to be released this Spring. (Universal JapanJ)

The chorus group composed of 3 girls (Sayuri, Arin, Risa) debuted in September
2017 with the ending theme “Can't you say” for the anime “Kimi to Uso”.

Official HP

「SPIRITPACT-Bond of The Underworld-」Event Information
Scheduled for broadcast on February 24th SPIRITPACT -Bond of The Underworld will hold a Special Screening Event of the 1st Episode of this second season followed by a Talk with the main cast of the series.

【date】February 11th 2018(Sun)19:00 start
【place】Ikebukuro HUMAX Cinema
【Guest】Iguchi Yuichi(You Keika)/Takeuchi Shunsuke(Tanmoku Ki)/Sugiyami Noriaki(In Tetsu)/Sorami Yuki(Kau)

【Ticket Price】Pre-sale 2000Yen、At the event 2200Yen
Reception Period:1/30(Tue)12:00~2/1(Thu)23:59
Lottery Date:2/2(Fri)
Result Confirmation:2/3(Sat)13:00~2/4(Sun)18:00
Deposit Period:2/3(Sat)13:00~2/5(Mon)21:00
Reservation Valid:2/3(Sat)13:00~2/6(Tue)14:00
General Sales Period:2/4(Sun)18:00~2/11(Sun)15:00

■Main Cast

楊敬華 (よう・けいか) You Keika | CV: 井口祐一 Iguchi Yuichi
端木煕 (たんもく・き)Tanmoku Ki | CV: 武内駿輔 Takeuchi Shunsuke
神龍章軒 (しんりゅう・しょうけん)Shinryu Shouken | CV:佐藤拓也 Satou Takuya
秦詩瑤 (しん・しよう)Shin Shiyou | CV:大久保瑠美 Okubo Rumi
端木寺芸 (たんもく・じうん)Tanmoku Jiun | CV:生天目仁美 Nabatame Hitomi
端木寺明 (たんもく・じめい)Tanmoku Jimei | CV:三宅貴大 Miyake Takahiro
寅哲 (いん・てつ) In Tetsu | CV:杉山紀彰 Sugiyama Noriaki
花羽 (かう) Kau | CV:空見ゆき Sorami Yuki

神龍昔仁 (しんりゅう・せきじん)Shinryu Sekijin | CV:千葉進歩 Chiba Susumu

Original Work「霊契」by Ping Zi published by Tencent Animation& Comics
Director: Li Haolin
Scenario: Qi Ling zi
Character Design: Kwon Eunkyung
Chief Animation Director: Kwon Eunkyung
Color Design:Kim Keumju
Art Director:Kim Youngje
Director of Photography: Nakamura Shintaro
Editing: Li Haolin
Animation Production: Emon

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