Family Gekijo U.S. Spring Anime Festival – March 2020

FAMILY GEKIJO U.S. is a Japanese-language channel presenting classic masterpieces from Japan around the clock.
Don't miss our exciting Spring Anime Festival lineup for March 2020!
Please visit our official website for program information.

“FAMILY GEKIJO U.S. Spring Anime Festival”
Full of Anime Programming for the Coming Two Months!

For two consecutive months starting from March, we will be airing two series from the AQUARION franchise, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary, as well as two Anime series from the GARO franchise, all back to back.
Additionally, we will be airing plenty of other Anime masterpieces.

Anime Festival #1: Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of AQUARION
with Series Two Months in a Row!

2020 is the 15th anniversary year since the popular Anime, Genesis of Aquarion, was originally broadcast, taking Japan by storm.
We are celebrating this milestone by premiering Genesis of Aquarion in March and Aquarion EVOL in April.
Elaborate mechanical union and highly realistic battle scenes.
Enjoy this “New Century Love Romance Robot Story” in America.

Genesis of Aquarion (2005)
Mon-Fri 7:00pm〜 PT, etc.

“I want to unite with you.”
The fallen angel who lost his wings returns. Transcending time and space, a love story of a new century that defines union is here.

Aquarion EVOL (2012)
Mon-Fri 7:00pm〜 PT, etc.

Set 12,000 years after Genesis of Aquarion, the young potential candidates for “Neo DEAVA,” where romance and male-female union are prohibited, board the machines.

Anime Festival #2: GARO Anime Series Two Months in a Row!

The Garo franchise captures fans' hearts with its unique and dark interpretation of the world.
The same attraction also exists in the Garo Anime series.
We will be airing the most significant two series back to back.

Garo The Animation
Mon-Fri 11:00pm〜 PT, etc.

The first Anime series from the Garo franchise.
It is a dark fantasy story inspired by medieval Europe.
The prince, exiled from his kingdom with his mother, embarks on a quest for the legendary Knight of Light to save his people.

Garo The Animation 2
Mon-Fri 11:00pm〜 PT, etc.

Set in the Heian era, there were knights who fought with the monsters infesting Kyoto called Horrors.
They are Raikou, the young Makai Knight in gold armor, and Seimei, the mysterious Makai Priest.

Anime Festival #3: Anime Masterpieces Return!

Uchusenkan Yamato Series
Coming back in April

Evergreen Sci-Fi Anime landmark series!
Enjoy this timeless masterpiece of Japanese Anime in America.

Reideen The Superior
Coming back in April

Five seemingly ordinary teenagers fight as the superheroes Reideen against the evil Super Devils.

Cooking Papa
Coming back 3/2 (Mon) 6:00am〜 PT

An ordinary salaryman dad Kazumi Araiwa has hidden skills to make meals like a professional cook!

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