The Day I Became a God
Episode 7

by Nicholas Dupree,

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Oh, right, that hacker guy is still hanging around somewhere.

In my defense, it feels like the show itself also forgot about that little plot branch too, considering we've seen neither hide nor hair of him since episode 4. In truth we don't even run into him until the waning minutes of “The Day of Filming” which, you might guess, is mainly focused on more homemade movie shenanigans. But in terms of advancing whatever the heck this show's plot is, everything significant comes in those final minutes when Suzuki hunts down a few remaining belongings of the mysterious doctor he's been looking for, and reveals that Hina was the guy's daughter. This is at least theoretically intriguing, since it suggests Suzuki isn't working in a different reality from all the stuff with Yota and company, but it's still a total mystery what any of this has to do with our resident nun gremlin, so I have to shrug my shoulders at that reveal.

Meanwhile the A-plot is pretty similar to what we got last week, but this time the whole crew (plus the loanshark from episode 3, for some reason) is filming Sora's movie club project. There's the predictable shenanigans – Hina insists on being the lead heroine, Tengan gets all huffy before joining in anyway, Yota does his straightman reaction to it all – but as with last episode it at least feels more like a friend group hanging out and having fun. Plus, as somebody who made a few (terrible, terrible) student films in high school with friends, just the sight of a bunch of (mostly) kids stumbling through the whole endeavor managed to ping my nostalgia sensor just a little. Hina's godly omniscience also makes her a wiz at After Effects, so if the whole child Cassandra deal doesn't work out she could probably start a YouTube toy review channel or something. Overall the more solidified camaraderie of the cast goes a long way into making the whole episode feel light, breezy, and overall pretty pleasant, even if it's barely distinct from last episode.

In general this just isn't an episode with much to talk about – it's The Day I Became a God in a holding pattern, ticking a few more days off that doomsday counter and inching the plot with actual progression forward the teensiest bit. That'd be more engaging if there was more development with our main cast, but save for a couple of conversations demonstrating Yota's more intimate friendships with Hina and Izanami there's not much different here, and without another side character to focus on it ends up feeling rather empty. Maybe this part of the story will work better in hindsight, whenever we finally get full context for just what this story wants to be about, but so long as there's a separation between audience and truth, I think mild amusement is the best I can hope for with the show right now.


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