Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun Season 2
Episode 13

by Rebecca Silverman,

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It's an episode for reunions this week! Not necessarily reunions people want, of course, but where would the fun be in that? The Misfit Class (minus Purson, at least so far) is headed to Walter Park, the premier amusement park, and needless to say, nothing is going quite as planned. First of all, Sullivan insisted that Iruma bring chaperons – er, bodyguards – so Balam, Opera, and Kalego are all tagging along. Kalego's a bad enough surprise, but then it turns out that Walter Park is owned and operated by none other than Ronove's family, and he's there observing operations. But the real kicker? Walter Park sits above a prison, and the park's attractions are all run by the mana of those serving out their sentences far beneath the revelers' feet…and who do we know who went to prison last season…?

Tongue-in-cheek Disney World references aside – although I honestly get more of a Happy World Land (from the Tiny Toons movie that my sisters and I may be the only people to remember) feel from Walter Park – there's something very fitting about a famous amusement park powered by the forced labor of prisoners, especially in this show when they've just revealed that the only reason summer break exists is because the Demon King got stressed and extended his evil cycle once upon a time. There's always been an element of evil to the vacation, so how much more appropriate can you get than to have the park literally fueled by it? It's a demon world version of Disney's exploitative practices circa 1941! But more importantly for the series, Amy Kiriwo, the guy behind the issues during the Battler Arc of season one, is incarcerated there, apparently at his specific request. Since this is implied to be a substantially worse prison than any of the others in the demon world, that's something that should worry all of us – especially since being in prison doesn't appear to have taught him any lessons.

This means that it might not be such a bad thing that Kalego, Opera, and Balam have tagged along for the ride, although Kalego right now wouldn't agree with that statement, mostly because Jazz, Goemon, Camui, and Lead have forced him into costume ears. They rightly feel that they got the short end of the stick when the larger group was divided in three for ease of chaperonage; Balam seems very chill with his band of merrymakers, while Opera can probably be counted on to quietly humor the girls they're taking around. (Ameri, who was under the mistaken impression that this was a date with Iruma, may not be thrilled with this.) Really, if Kiriwo wasn't planning something nefarious, I think Kalego might take care of destroying the park all on his own. He's that furious.

Mostly this episode is about setting up for the fight to come. That doesn't make it any less fun, of course, because not only are we seeing the (almost) entire Misfit Class outside of a school setting for the first time, they're also all giddy with excitement. It's also a chance for everyone to show off their own personal style, which is visually fun – sure that one guy is just wearing pajamas, but Clara's adorable and Elizabetta looks positively elegant. And who knew that Sabnock always covers his nipples no matter what he's wearing on top? Such politeness! We also get to see a bit more tail action from Opera than usual, which is perhaps a sign that they're letting loose, too, albeit in a way that reminds me of my cat Big Al before he decides to pounce on one of the other cats. (Poor Kalego.) It's not an action-packed episode, but it is one that holds both fun moments and a lot of promise for things to come.

Happy episode thirteen, everyone.


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