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Hunter × Hunter (manga)

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Miyuki (manga) Very good 7/3/11 Miyuki is a prime example of romantic comedy done right. There is always an air of humor, but it does not detract from the emotional scenes (which are, by and large well done). And during the sections that do not carry a heavy emotional tone, Miyuki is laugh-out-loud funny. As new characters trickle in and out of the story, and several in-story years go by, the romance element is kept fresh and enjoyable. The only chink in Miyuki's armor is the ending; it is surprising and fitting, but still feels a little rushed. Still, this series hits hard from both the romance and comedy sides, so it is difficult to knock it for such a small flaw.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica (manga) Very good 8/15/11 In a way, the manga adaptation of Madoka fares better when it's compared to the anime; sure, it's not as good, but it at least conjures up memories of the series. Sure, the action scenes aren't as stylish as the anime, but they shouldn't be expected to in still, black and white panels. And like the rest of the manga adaptation, they're good and draw up memories from the series. When judged on its own merits, manga Madoka has a tougher time. Things get pretty confusing even with knowledge of the anime (which it follows pretty closely) and a reader unfamiliar with the source material would undoubtedly be lost. And while good, Madoka's story really needs the impressive media presentation to propel it to the greatness the anime conveys. Despite some hiccups, this adaption is, as mentioned, faithful, and ultimately delivers a retelling of the excellent Madoka anime, albeit a bit watered down.
Tenshi Nanka ja Nai (manga) Very good 6/29/12 Tenshi Nanka ja Nai is really cute and fun. Watching the student council of a brand new school navigate as a secondary plot to the romantic dealings within that said council comes across as unique and works well within the story. The story itself is never too ambitious, which works well because of an interesting and optimistic, yet mostly believable cast of characters. Things slow down a little towards the middle of the series, but the series carries on well enough towards its adequate conclusion. Tenshi Nanka ja Nai was certainly not the most memorable experience, but was very enjoyable.