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Been feeling like trying my hand at writing a story of late and seeing as manga is the primary medium by which I read literature thought it might be the way to go. Kinda going for a Korean Manwha feel to it. Anyways, please give me your thoughts, criticism, denigrations. Of course this is just an outline so please take it for what it is. Thank you.

The Celestial Governors have foreseen the destruction of the mortal world. To avert disaster they choose to send their most reliable agent down to the world of man so that he might change the course of history so as to prevent the balance of the universe from unraveling.
(Name tba) is born into the lands of humans through the righteous slaying of an innocent man. Aided by a servant (name and gender tba), born human but imbued with the powers of the agent, the agent plays various significant roles in wars, natural disasters, and the grooming of proper leadership for the mortal world.
After 150 years of exemplary performance the agent is felled by an inconceivable accident (perhaps introduce antagonist in the role of “Fate,” though could be a third party) – also possible point to introduce comedy to the story. The servant having lost connection to the Celestial Realm awaits the revival of the agent (still possessing the imbued powers of the agent the servant believes the agent still exists and will return). The servant’s self-imposed mission is to seek out those who bear the requirements for the agent’s revival, sadness and loneliness grow in the servant’s heart as the agent continues to remain disconnected from the mortal world. (Develop on this later in the story, initial impression on revival is that this character is so overjoyed at the agents rebirth that s/he has returned to its previous self, scars remain and mental disability become progressively noticeable.)
Seeing the loss of their agent the Celestial Governors take note of an unanticipated variable and decide action must be taken. To accomplish this it is necessary to weaken their powers in the heavens (perhaps civil war may ensue) by sending 13 (number open to change) agents to the mortal world to act in place of the fallen agent. (13 agents not to be ranked)
And so, 350 years pass with no sign of the agent’s revival. Despair has nearly consumed the servant as it continues its mission. Scene of revival is the burning of several heretics. (Open to change) The burnings are done in sequential order, it is a grand spectacle for the peasantry, and the servant laments the nature of those it was created to save. As the fires consume the first heretic the revival takes place. (Between clouds rolling in as the flames lap upwards at the heretic and a lightning bold striking the corpse of the finally still man. Or the servant once more feeling defeated while another life is lost before its eyes, knowing that it must continue to be tortured in this way with no sign of release. The fire burns through the ropes until the body falls to the ground, the authorities rush to remove the body but stop and stare as the body rises. Tattered clothes and soot falls from the man, not entirely, emphasis on the eyes.)
-End of prologue.
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Add more spices why not put a romance and comedy (didn’t say change you’re concept huh) only a suggestion to make it more appealing to the anime fanatic. Smile
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