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NEWS: Sekai Project Announces 10 New Game Releases

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 04, 2019 9:15 pm Reply with quote
anchor's (formerly Ixtl) Muv-Luv photonflowers* will debut on Steam this summer. The game is a collection of Muv-Luv-themed short stories that were originally exclusive to the PlayStation.

Minor nitpick: while the photonflowers* collection was exclusive to the PlayStation 3, the various stories that comprise it were previously released across various fandiscs and main game re-releases for PC.
Victory Project is the first title by Chinese developer 33paradox, and is a visual novel with puzzle game elements. Sekai Project will release the game on GOG, Nutaku, and Denpasoft. The game will be a launch title for the company's own

Steam is notable by its absence in this list, isn’t it? But given the 18+ focus of Nutaku and Denpasoft, probably not surprising either. sounds like a pretty bold initiative for a company that laid off more or less its entire staff less than a year ago.

EDIT: A few other points in Sekai’s panel that weren’t in the press release, but can be seen from slides posted to their Twitter:
  • Updates on long-delayed VNs Baldr Sky (in review at Valve, expected later this year) and Rewrite (translation 67% complete).
  • Clannad is getting a physical release for Nintendo Switch through Limited Run.
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