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REVIEW: 07-Ghost GN 3

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 07, 2013 3:14 am Reply with quote
Wow, it's great to see this series getting a review! (I can hardly wait for the 4th volume to get here. Then again, after three years, what's another two months?)

Too bad it's gotten disparaged like this. I can definitely see where the reviewer is coming from, don't get me wrong. I too think the battle scenes are all too often a confusing mess of shadows and black lightning energy blasts! that take up way too much space and are seemingly directionless.

As for the story, I'm personally enjoying the pacing of the series up to this point. It's still getting the characters introduced and establishing history for them, and, to me, it seems to be following a similar routine to Saiyuki (the Kazuya Minekura interpretation, which I like), wherein a bunch of seemingly disconnected filler events take place mainly in order to facilitate character building, each arc taking just enough time to get in that single maybe important but ultimately vague revelation that inches the plot one painstaking step along. Only difference is Saiyuki has the benefit of following nomadic characters (and, consequently, a flexible storyline) with a destination in mind and the general narrative outlined early on; 07 Ghost is still kind of middling with Teito (and, consequently, the whole damn storyline) being stuck in the church and not having any incredibly obvious endgame to look forward to or work towards. However, I imagine this'll come into play given time and more volumes (and more bad guys to finagle bits and pieces of the plot from just before their demise), so I'm not particularly hurried about it: I'm enjoying Teito's waxing companionship with Hakuren (slashing this to infinity and beyond) and Frau and the other bishops, and I'm perhaps most interested in the dynamic occurring between Teito's training as a soldier and how he has to adapt his existing knowledge and skills to successfully achieve bishophood and relearn his own history. It's all good enough for me, but I'm definitely hoping it gets better.

And yeah. Just thank goodness VIZ picked this up. Anime hyper
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