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REVIEW: Black Clover BD+DVD Season 1 Parts 2-3

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 5:26 pm Reply with quote
About bloody scenes, I think it needs good reasons for that. Bleach and Inuyasha had a lot of impalements because the main character could survive to regular mortal wounds due to their nature. On the other hand, Dragon Ball and Gintama make it look like the characters have a lot of plot armor considering they bleed too much and the cast are humans. I think the best use of plot armor is actually Allen in the finale of D.Gray-man where he actually forced his armor force his limb move despite being broken, making him almost a puppet.
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2019 2:39 pm Reply with quote
These bluray/dvd are ridiculous on the part of Pierrot, they did not even bother correcting several horrible scenes. There are several shameful scenes, much lower scenes compared to the manga, and the CG that they use... The median budget for the series is visible.
About the story, as a fan of the manga, I even know it is quite simple and cliche mainly at the beginning, and the first arcs are the weakest, as the arcs going is improved greatly.
One of the good points of the manga is the fast pace, but it is a negative point in the anime because it is slow.
And also, the action scenes of the manga are well done, and the anime delivers fluent moments in a few moments, but most are poorly done.
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 05, 2019 12:46 am Reply with quote
At least as far as the anime is concerned, I don't see how this series can garner any real level of praise unless it's viewed through the prism of Babby's First Shounen. Like, if you're a complete anime neophyte, and this is the very first time you're being exposed to these particular tropes and fight staples, it might be kind of fun, maybe even a lot of it. But one can list off at least a half-dozen long-form shounen series that have included the same elements as Black Clover yet have executed them far better. Hell, you don't have to look any further than the contemporary juggernaut that is My Hero Academia. Both series share a similar initial premise: a talentless individual in a society based entirely on talent acquires a unique power and seeks to master it for the sake of achieving a lofty goal. But MHA takes that basic framework and polishes it to an absolute jewel of a series, with a big cast of almost universally-likeable characters with their own aspirations. And then there's Black Clover, whose excuse for character interactions usually consists of everyone in the room repeating their singular defining trait ad nauseam until we want to beat them over the head with it. Seriously, every "comedy" moment turns into a round of, "Hey, here's Gluttonous Chibi, and Low-Talker Marilyn Manson, and Slutty Drunk, and Fight Kid, and who could forget everyone's favorite, Dude-Who-Wants-To-Bone-His-Loli-Sister!" Ugh. The worst part is that the series tries to give some of them something resembling a motivation way further down the line, but by then the damage has been done. (Seriously, follow the Oda Rule: tragic backstory comes before they join the team.) I feel legitimately sorry for Yami, because he's far and away the best character and deserves a much better series to strut his stuff in.

(Also, what is with Asta's awful starry-eyed face-fault design? It's one of the worst I've ever seen.)
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