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NEWS: Ikimono-gakari Perform New Opening Theme for Boruto Anime

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 21, 2020 1:54 am Reply with quote
Awesome news, more IKIMONOGATARI is always great.

some related info, they're gonna be part of this big JP music event in about 2 weeks

Also FWIW, you can see on the top of their official site that the official romanization of their name is IKIMONOGAKARI. Also on some CD covers. To this day I have no idea where people got the hyphen from
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 23, 2020 4:02 am Reply with quote
Ikimono = living creature
kakari (or sometimes gakari) = someone in charge of something

Two of the members met in first grade, when they were given the duty of caring for animals being raised by their class -- a position known as "ikimonogakari" (person in charge of the living creatures) -- and that's where the band got its name from.

Since you can hang "-kakari" / "-gakari" onto the end of all kinds of things, some people find it convenient to stick in a hyphen when they romanize it.
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 23, 2020 9:50 am Reply with quote
vanfanel wrote:
Two of the members met in first grade,

The name of the band is written thoroughly in hiragana as いきものがかり when it is written in Japanese letters. The stylistic feel of the band's name 'いきものがかり', which is written completely in hiragana, reminds people of the first grade at primary school.
Technically, the kanji '生' of '生き物 (ikimono)' is a kanji which first-year pupils learn in Japan, though.

Mystery writer Ōkura Takahiro writes a mystery series of which title is 'Keishichō Ikimonogakari' (The living-creature section of the Metropolitan Police Department). At first, the name of the section as the subtitle/the series title for the mystery books had been a more dignified one, but later it was changed to more humorous and primary school-ish 'Ikimonogakari'. The 'Ikimonogakari' part of the series title is written as 'いきもの係' in Japanese characters. So, in a sense, there is a 'joint' between 'いきもの ikimono' and '係 gakari (the rendaku version of kakari)'. Therefore, like vanfanel-san has said, it is understandable that, when the Japanese expression 'いきものがかり' is written in rōmaji, there are some people who want to add a hyphen to it.
In 2017, Fuji TV broadcast a live-action adaptation of 'Keishichō Ikimonogakari', which starred Watabe Atsurō and Hashimoto Kanna.
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