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REVIEW: Hell Girl DVD DVD 5-6

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Richard J.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 11:42 pm Reply with quote
Hell Girl has been one of my all time favorite series since I watched it on fansubs (yes I, Mr. Prefers English Dubs, watched the whole series fansubbed!) and watching it again on R1 DVDs with such a fantastic English dub has only made me like it more.

My only disagreement with the review is that personally, I think Brina Palencia did the impossible and equalled Mamiko Noto's performance. (An act which I think deserves an award of some kind.)

Sure it is an episodic series but the chilling atmosphere, the moral darkness it treads and the outstanding performances in both languages make it both a visual and a psychological treat in my opinion. Hell Girl doesn't rely on cheap scares or gore but instead on the simple truth that human beings are capable of truly horrible things. Ai's origin story and Tsugumi's ultimate role in the story easy make these the volumes the best in the series and, in my opinion, provide a thoroughly moving ending for a series that deserves more praise than it often gets.

I applaud the reviewer for acknowledging both the strength of the English dub (one of Funimation's all-time best in my opinion) and for giving this series enough respect to see beyond it's revenge per episode overall format. Far too many people write it off for being episodic, failing to take notice of its atmosphere, its messages or its excellent performances.

I'm clearly biased but I encourage those on the fence to check this series out. If you don't want to buy the DVDs, at least check it out on IFC's on demand IFC Free in July (it's expected to run on the regular channel too, though probably not until at least August.)
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, 2008 12:51 am Reply with quote
This anime surely hits right on a bad side of humanity. Some animes are based on pride, others in courage, but this one is about how stupid a human being can be. But it's a good anime overall. I'd give it a b-.
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