The Edit List

by Kyle Pope,
FLCL 05: Bura Bure

1) Not an Edit... Haruko's bare butt visible when Naota finds her talking to the cat and when she straddles Naota on the bed.

2) Not an Edit... Swastika visible on Kamon's arm during the wargame with Naota.

3) Not an Edit... Kitsurubami's bare breast visible when she freaks out in the river and attacks Canti. (Another fast shot but it was there.)

It would seem the Synch-Point people have a few things to teach the FUNimation people. While Blue Gender is being purged of its sexual content FLCL is virtually a porn fest. Female flesh was flashing all over the place in this episode and in overtly sexual situations as well. All centering around an underaged boy no less. Whatever you may think of FLCL as an anime you cannot doubt that it has pushed the envelope for what is acceptable fare for Adult Swim.

Kyle Pope

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