Attack on Titan Takes Over Japan's Joypolis Theme Park

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Even teenage soldiers fighting for humanity's freedom from Titans need to have some fun every once in a while.

Japanese theme park Joypolis is holding a special event for Attack on Titan from June 27 all the way until September 30. Appropriately named "Attack on Titan in Joypolis", this event will effectively turn much of the park into one Colossal AoT attraction.

One of the bigger attractions will be an anime digest film played on various days at the main stage, showcasing a behind-the-scenes look at the production of the show.

The Half Pipe Tokyo, one of Joypolis' most popular rides, will be AoT-themed as well. While the screens of the ride normally display flowing images to accompany the fast half-rotation of the ride, they will be changed to videos of the characters fighting Titans.

July, August and September frames

The mid-ride pictures can also be displayed with frames featuring chibi-versions of the characters. The frames will be changed each month.

Speaking of pictures, another section of the park will also allow guests to frame commemorative photos with a variety of AoT picture frames. These photo ops encourage cosplayers to dress their best.

A life-sized statue of Levi will be up for display at the event, showcasing the character armed and lethal with 3D maneuvering gear.

Of course, tons of AoT souvenirs will be made available either through purchase or special events at the park. These include mini towels and mini-wallscrolls.

Even the food will be AoT-ified! Joypolis' Frame cafe menu will feature many stylized dishes including the Captain Levi Tea Cake, the "Jean-bo" Memorable Omelette, the Survey Corps Selection and the Elite Survey Corps Selection. The cafe will also have special screenings of episodes from the anime.

Recently, a video was uploaded featuring the characters promoting the event.

Eren: "Mikasa! Isn't there a special event at Joypolis Tokyo in the summer!?"

Mikasa: "You mean that attraction collaboration that will show off the anime production? Sounds interesting."

Armin: "Let's go right now, you guys!"

Levi: "Hey...don't just go off on your own."

Other promotions include Mikasa's voice actress, Yui Ishikawa, promoting the event alongside Japanese comedian Sugichan.

If you find yourself in Tokyo over the summer, be sure to check out Joypolis and maybe even enlist in the Survey Corps!

[Via Joypolis]

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