Human Rice Balls Become Ninja Friends in App Game

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

From highway service stations to months to Christian denominations, Japan loves to turn inanimate objects or concepts into humans. Now, Visual Works is teasing a new game that anthropomorphizes unassuming rice balls into attractive male ninjas.

The official website and Twitter account for Yui no Shinobi posted character silhouettes on Friday. Pre-registration is now open, and the "ninja friendship-binding card scenario game" is slated to launch for PC, iOS, and Android devices in 2017.

The game will star popular types of Japanese rice balls such as walleye pollack roe, kombu seaweed, and salted salmon roe. Presumably, these good-looking ninjas will come to save the day from all kinds of culinary crises. Friends and foes will fight it out in a grain battle for the ages.

"At first, everyone was together," then...

"Rice vs. Rice"

What a time to be alive. Even our food is starting to undertake a legendary struggle for the greater good.

What will Japan anthropomorphize next? Judging by current trends, we won't have to wait long for Japanese breads turned into moe magical girls teaming up with Anpanman for a collaborative anime. One can only dream.

[Via Nijimen]

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