Virtual Japanese YouTuber Raises Eyebrows Overseas

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

Aspiring 2D YouTuber Kaguya Luna debuted with her first video earlier this month. The approach of the videos is more or less in line with fare that 3D human users have previously uploaded on the streaming platform, but Luna's videos are far from ordinary. The character's videos feature Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English subtitles, so they are accessible to viewers throughout eastern Asia and beyond. Judging by the number of "likes," Luna's videos have received a mostly positive reception on YouTube. However, some English-speaking viewers seem to find her demeanor... questionable.

A Japanese Twitter user discovered that an English-speaking viewer apparently thinks Luna's problem could be drug-related.

The virtual YouTuber's sometimes erratic movements along with her rapid, stream-of-consciousness speech contribute to an experience that might unsettle some viewers. Is Kaguya Luna likely to take off as a YouTube sensation? You be the judge.

Embedded below are Luna's three YouTube uploads so far. In the videos, she discusses topics such as trying (and failing) to identify someone's blood type by their voice, using tongue twisters (and a Doraemon imitation) as facial anti-aging, and creating an introduction to satisfy viewers.

[Via Otakomu]

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