Manga Creators Inio Asano, Akane Torikai Announce Marriage

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Renowned manga creator Inio Asano wed his girlfriend and fellow manga creator Akane Torikai this month. Torikai shared the news in a detailed diary entry on September 25. Torikai is the author of the diary Manga Mitai na Koi Kudasai on the website Web Chikuma. She began publishing entries in June recounting disagreements with her romantic partner, encountering her ex-husband's son, and anxieties stemming from her work as a cartoonist. The diary entries didn't identify her romantic partner.

It wasn't until after the series ended that Torikai updated her readers about her marriage. The entry talks about the pair's trip to the ward office to enter a family register on September 13, Asano's proposal, getting married, and what "marriage" means to them both.

Torikai's entry talks at length about her relationship with Asano for a year and half prior to their marriage. She describes the initial jealousy she felt about his success and also hurtful "childish" behavior from Asano when he would become angry or irritated. However, despite their difficulties, Torikai eventually accepted Asano's proposal. She writes that they are not expecting to have children.

The things we can choose in life are limited. It seems like there are countless options laid out before your eyes, so the truth is, the most difficult skill is continuing to choose appropriate ways to spend the time you have. You might spend most of your time considering what you should do. Freely choosing where to go or what to do is like choosing what you eat in a day, which is limited by your wallet and the room in your stomach. Of course, you can't choose your own children or parents. But who to spend your own life with and your last moments, that's something you can choose yourself. Both this man and I chose a daily life together. Until the end someday, we decided to continue to choose one another to spend every day side by side. It's not a romantic proposal, but it's a tremendously profound promise. That's what I decided to think.

Torikai was born in 1981 and made her debut as a manga creator in 2004. Her works include Sensei no Shiroi Uso (Teacher's White Lie) and Jigoku no Girlfriend (Girlfriend from Hell). She is currently serializing Mandarin Gypsy Cat no Rōjō in Da Vinci magazine and Romance Bōfūiki in Shūkan SPA! magazine.

Asano was born in 1980 and is well-known for his emotionally driven stories about adolescence. He made his manga debut while still in high school. His works include Solanin, A Girl on the Shore, Goodnight Punpun, and most recently, Dead Dead Demon's Dededededestruction.

Sources: Akane Torikai's diary, Oricon, Comic Natalie

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