Yuri Fair 2019 Caps Off Heisei Era with Largest Artist Representation Yet

posted on by Kim Morrissy

This year's Yuri Fair expanded from its low-key exhibit last year into a five-city tour throughout Japan. It also features the work of 31 artists, which is one more than last year. Artists from a wide range of media were represented this year, including from films and games, making it a fitting cap for the Heisei era, which will end this year.

This year's event's key visual features art by Bloom Into You artist Nio Nakatani and photographer Minori Takahashi, which you can see at the entrance of the venue: the Rental Space Sakura in Ebisu (not to be confused with the restaurant called Sacra, also in Ebisu!).

The exhibit was divided into two floors. Each artist was given around two panels to show off their work, plus leave a message for fans.

Some artists will be familiar to anime fans. Bloom Into You, Kase-san and Morning Glories, and Citrus were represented again this year.

Other artists of note were Akiko Morishima (manga artist and original character designer of Yuri Kuma Arashi) and Takako Shimura (creator of Sweet Blue Flowers, otherwise known as Aoi Hana). Although she wasn't featured last year, Namori's art for the Yuruyuri series was exhibited this year.

Live-action photography continues to play a part in the Yuri Fair. Yuria's photography of girls' thighs, which was controversial enough to spark a last-minute change in venue last year, was faithfully exhibited once again.

All in all, the Yuri Fair is well worth checking out if you're a yuri fan. BanG Dream! series composition writer Yuniko Ayana left a message at the front declaring that people of all ages and gender identity are welcome in the yuri community. The Yuri Fair will run from March 16 to 24.

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