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Tales of Zestiria PS3 Game's Sorey, Alisha, Lailah, Mikleo Previewed in Videos

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
Also: Skits, Kamui system, real map battles, new character voiced by Ghost in the Shell's Yutaka Nakano preivewed

Bandai Namco Games began streaming seven new videos sampling the characters and gameplay from its upcoming Tales of Zestiria PlayStation 3 game on Sunday. The website has also begun to list the official translations of the characters' names.


Mikleo: That's a treasure from the ruins.
Sorey: Whoa! Hey, is this emblem...?
Mikleo: Yeah. It's the emblem of the Fon Master.
Sorey: I knew it! It symbolizes the ability to control the great power of the Divine Beings. ...The Fon Master, huh?
Mikleo: I have a suggestion. How about we go explore the ruins that are deeper in?
Lailah: Yes! Let's do that, Sorey!
Edna: Well, looks like we're going.
Sorey: All right! It's been a while, but I guess I'll go all out!

Alisha: I'll... Do something about that...
Sorey: Well then, let's do something together.
Lailah: We'll be able to solve the problem quicker if we do.
Mikleo: Anyway, we need a bridge either way, too.
Alisha: You guys...
Alisha: And also, when we first met, um... I had recognized you as someone who was a bit weird.
Mikleo: Well, it's the truth.
Sorey: He's right here! His name is Mikleo.

Sorey: You noticed too, Mikleo?
Mikleo: Of course. Come on, let's hurry.
Sorey: Mikleo!
Mikleo: Wh-What?
Sorey: I'm super happy you came here!
Mikleo: I figured that you wouldn't survive among the humans, since you're the only one who can't lie at all.
Mikleo: I guess that means you're finally able to stand on your own.
Sorey: Oh, shut it.
Lailah: I see. So that was the reason you weren't able to release.
Sorey: Mikleo. Thank y-
Mikleo: I don't need thanks. I did it for the sake of my own dream.
Sorey: I know that, man!

Lailah: I've decided!
Sorey: Huh? What?
Lailah: To move ahead! Yes! That is the correct choice!
Sorey: I... Don't really understand...
Lailah: Now then, it's time to depart to exploring the ruins!
Sorey: Bear with it! Bear with it! We can survey ruins at any time.
Lailah: Sorey... It appears that I misunderstood you a bit. I'm sorry... Sorey.
Mikleo: It's not something to apologize for. It's the fault of his everyday actions.
Lailah: I suppose so.
Sorey: That's where you agree...?
Chats (Skits)

Mikleo: I feel like dogs have stopped barking at me.
Edna: There's the reason.
Mikleo: Dezel? The dog is... Attatched to him?
Dezel: ...What's up? Need something?
Mikleo: No, it was just a little unexpected. Are you OK with dogs?
Dezel: OK? Dogs are my silent team mates. Aren't you just lacking in contact with them?
Mikleo: No no, dogs howl, OK?
Dezel: The reason dogs bark is because they feel your worry when you come near them, and they don't know the reason behind that worry.
Edna: In short, it's because you wuss out before they do anything.
Mikleo: I'd just like to say that it's the dogs that bark first...
Kamui System

Real Map Battle

The website has also unveiled a new character named Bartlow, a cabinet minister of the Highland Kingdom. He is sternly watching Alisha and Sorey's actions. Yutaka Nakano (A Certain Magical Index's Heaven Canceler, Ghost in the Shell's Ishikawa) will voice the character.

The game is classified as an "RPG where passion lights up the world," and the official tagline for the game is "Tradition will one day become 'hope.'"

Namco Bandai Studio's Daigo Okumura designed Alisha, while Kousuke Fujishima designed Sorey. Mutsumi Inomata is also returning to contribute character designs along with Minoru Iwamoto. The anime studio ufotable is once again contributing animation for cut scenes and the opening for the game under studio founder and producer Hikaru Kondo. Motoi Sakuraba and Gō Shiina are composing the soundtrack, and Superfly is performing the game's theme song. An anime special inspired by the game is set to premiere before the game is released.

The full battle system, titled "Fusonic Chain-LMBS" (with LMBS standing for "Linear Motion Battle System), renews the franchise's real-time battle system, and adds a gauge that lets characters freely battle as long as there is stock in it. By using the gauge, effects such as healing and blowing away the enemy will be usable. The game will also include a new battle feature called "Kamui" that allows for a human and a heavenly being to fuse. In the game, Slay will be able to fuse with Lyra, changing his form and allowing him to use Lyra's attributes to attack.

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