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Seven Seas Licenses The Invincible Shovel, Sazan & Comet Girl Manga

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Love on the Other Side, My Senpai Is Annoying manga also licensed

Seven Seas Entertainment announced on Monday that it has licensed Nagabe's Love on the Other Side – A Nagabe Short Story Collection manga anthology, Tsuchise Yasohachi and Yūki Hagure's The Invincible Shovel light novel series, Yuriko Akase's Sazan & Comet Girl manga, and Shiro Manta's My Senpai Is Annoying manga.

Seven Seas will release the single volume of Love on the Other Side – A Nagabe Short Story Collection (Nagabe Tanpenshū: Henteko na Ai-) digitally and in print in North America on June 16. The company describes the collection:

Love comes in many forms. A magnificent bird comforts a struggling girl; a vampire waltzes with a young lady at night; a blind girl lives with a “monster” when there is more than meets the eye. This six-story manga collection by masterful manga creator Nagabe explores fascinating relationships that refuse to be confined–perfect for fans of Nagabe's bestselling works The Girl from the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún and The Wize Wize Beasts of the Wizarding Wizdoms.

Ishijinsha published the anthology in Japan on July 25.

Seven Seas also publishes Nagabe's The Girl from the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún and The Wize Wize Beasts of the Wizarding Wizdoms manga. The Girl from the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún inspired a 10-minute anime adaptation that bundled with the limited edition of the manga's eighth compiled book volume on September 10 in Japan.

Seven Seas will release The Invincible Shovel (Scoop Musō 'Scoop Hadōhō!' ( '・ω・´)♂〓〓〓〓★(゜Д ゜ ;;;).:∴Dogo) digitally and in print, and the first volume will debut on May 19. The company describes the story:

Alan is the strongest miner in the world, able to reduce mountains to rubble with simply a swing of his trusty shovel. But when Princess Letitia begs him to escort her on a quest to save her kingdom from an invading demon force, he agrees to leave his solitary mountain abode and venture forth, on one condition: she must help him find a successor to train. In this hilarious fantasy tale for fans of RPGs, evil doesn't stand a chance against the mighty power of the shovel!

Yasohachi launched the series on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō! website in February 2018. Kadokawa released the third compiled volume with Hagure's illustrations on September 25.

Seven Seas will release Akase's Sazan & Comet Girl (Sazan to Suisei no Shōjo) manga as a two-in-one omnibus volume on May 26. The company describes the story:

Sazan, a young man from Earth, works on other planets and has seen his share of galactic oddities. But when he meets Mina, a red-headed girl who zooms into his life on a space scooter, he knows he's run into someone special. Mina contains shocking power within her body--a power coveted by space pirates who hope to steal it from her. Mina zooms out of Sazan's life almost as quickly as she arrived, but Sazan is determined to find her again...no matter how far he has to chase her across the galaxy. This spectacular full-color manga--an homage to energetic space operas of years past--is entirely contained in this 500-page omnibus. Nominated for the Manga Taisho Award in Japan!

Akase launched the manga in LEED Publishing Co., Ltd.'s Torch web manga site in November 2015. LEED Publishing Co., Ltd. published both compiled book volumes of the manga in April 2018. The manga was nominated for the 12th Manga Taisho awards earlier this year, and was ranked fifth overall in the awards.

Seven Seas will release the first volume of Manta's full-color My Senpai Is Annoying (Senpai ga Uzai Kōhai no Hanashi) manga on May 5. The company describes the manga:

Igarashi is a hardworking young office lady. Takeda, the senpai above her at work, annoys her constantly--and yet she finds herself growing closer to him. Every day is filled with comic mishaps and romantic moments as Igarashi tries to balance work, life, and love. This full-color manga--which started its life as a webcomic--is sure to charm audiences of workplace comedies like Aggretsuko and The Office!

Manta launched the manga in 2017, and it serializes on the pixiv Comic website. The series won the web manga division of the Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Awards in 2018. Ichijinsha published the manga's fourth compiled book volume on September 25.

Source: Press releases

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