Sankei Sports: Kamen Rider Zero-One Show Aims to Restart Filming on June 1 With New Guidelines

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Guidelines for social distancing while filming place restrictions on action, wire scenes

The Sankei Sports newspaper reported on Wednesday that Toei will aim to restart filming for its Kamen Rider Zero-One tokusatsu (live-action special-effects) series on June 1, with new guidelines in place to minimize contact between people.

According to the report, the film crew will maintain strict social distancing guidelines while filming, avoid gathering into large adjacent groups, and maintain at least a two-meter distance from each other (except for actors while filming scenes). All meetings will be conducted online as much as possible. Action scenes involving more than 20 actors will be forbidden. In order to maintain social distancing during the filming of wire action scenes, the support staff members will be limited to two per actor on a wire (normally up to four or five per actor) during filming. The production will avoid scenes with multiple actors on wires.

The show began airing recap episodes and reruns on May 17, with filming stopped while Japan was still in a state of emergency. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe officially confirmed the lifting of the state of emergency nationwide on Monday.

Kamen Rider Zero-One premiered on September 1 as the first Kamen Rider television series in Japan's Reiwa era.

Source: Sankei Sports via Otakomu

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