AnimeLog Streams Ahare! Meisaku-kun, Hungry Heart - Wild Striker, 4 More Anime

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AnimeLog (Anilog) launched its global YouTube channel on Friday. The channel is streaming NHK's Ahare! Meisaku-kun anime shorts, Hungry Heart - Wild Striker, Fantastic Children, The World of GOLDEN EGGS, Hello, Anne (Before Green Gables), and New Jungle Emperor Leo (The New Adventures of Kimba The White Lion) in India.

Ahare! Meisaku-kun is streaming in Japanese with English subtitles. The show premiered in April 2016 during NHK Educational TV's Beat World variety show with 39 five-minute episodes.

AnimeLog describes the series:

Once upon a time, there was a prestigious school called "Ryugu Elementary School" that produced many famous characters. One day, an ordinary boy named "Matsuda Meisaku" entered Ryugu Elementary School. Will he be able to graduate from the school as a masterpiece character, surrounded by a lot of strong characters such as 'Sweetie' who is super stupid and high-tension, 'Musubi' who is mad and called 'Onigiri', 'Nokio' who is a narcissist and calls himself a robot, and 'Bolt' who is obviously faster than a rabbit?

Taketo Shinkai (Kaseifu ga Ita, Kayoe! Chūgaku) is directing the series and writing the script at Pie in the sky. Jun Oson is handling the character designs.

The second season premiered in April 2017 with 39 more five-minute episodes. The fifth and most recent season premiered in Japan on April 3.

Hungry Heart - Wild Striker is streaming in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. The show premiered in Japan in September 2002.

AnimeLog describes the series:

Hungry Heart is Based on the comic by Takahashi Yoichi of "Captain Tsubasa". Kano Kyosuke, is a soccer fanatic but unable to get passionate about soccer due to an inferiority complex over his genius brother. This is a passionate story about his fight to become the best in the world while clashing with his friends in the soccer club. The story includes the appearance of rivals and a love story between Miki and Kyosuke, a member of the women's soccer club.

Satoshi Saga (Green Legend Ran) directed the series. Kentaro Mizuno (Rocket Girls) and Yoshiyuki Suga (Captain Tsubasa, Perman) wrote the script.

Fantastic Children is streaming in Japanese with English subtitles. The show premiered in Japan in October 2004.

AnimeLog describes the series:

This is an authentic fantasy adventure for boys and girls to enjoy, with a nostalgic mystery and the titans of the adventure series. The story is a love story of children who travel through 200 million light-years of uncanny space and 500 years of space-time and centuries on earth. This is an original project that original writer/director Takashi Nakamura and Nippon Animation have been working on for many years.
Every child has these questions.
'Where do people come from and where do they go?'
"What happens to people when they die?
'What about your previous life? And will people be reborn again?
But without finding the answers to these questions, we grow up and forget why we asked them.
This film provides children, the viewers, with one answer.

Takashi Nakamura (Robot Carnival) directed the series and wrote the script. Hideki Mitsui (Magikano) also worked on the script.

The World of GOLDEN EGGS is streaming in Japanese with English subtitles. The show premiered in Japan in 2005.

AnimeLog describes the series:

A comedy CG animation about the "golden eggs" who live in the legendary town of Turkey's Hill, reminiscent of a small-town American town, and their potential for success. Every time you can see the extraordinary daily life of unique humans and turkeys.
More than 100 characters, mainly students and teachers of "Turkey's Hill High School", appear in the anime! MONICA and LARRY are the main voices of the characters, and popular actors and artists such as Oguri Shun, Katsuji Ryo, Uehara Sakura and Takahashi Yukihiro act as guest voice actors. You won't want to miss the hilarious dialogue filled with funny phrases that you'll want to use!

Hello, Anne (Before Green Gables) is streaming in Japanese with English subtitles. The show premiered in Japan in 2009.

AnimeLog describes the series:

A little girl with red hair who was born in a town of Bolingbroke, countryside of Nova Scotia in Canada had lost her parents because of the disease when she was just a baby.
Anne became orphan and adopted by Joanna Thomas who used to work at the Shirley's.
There were her husband Bert, two nasty boys, a baby, and elder sister Eliza, who took care of Anne very well, living with Joanna in the Thomas.

Katsuyoshi Yatabe (Dirty Pair) directed the anime at Nippon Animation to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Anne of Green Gables anime.

New Jungle Emperor Leo (Jungle Taitei) is streaming in Japanese with English subtitles. The show premiered in Japan in 1989.

AnimeLog describes the series:

The animated TV series that Osamu Tezuka worked on in his final years! The original idea for "Jungle Emperor" was a white lion that could communicate with humans, but in this TV series, Leo is unable to talk to humans. This series is about the conflict between animals and humans, where they can't communicate with each other as perfectly as they do in the real world. So Leo is not a superhero by any means, but is portrayed as an adolescent boy who is struggling with life and repeatedly asking himself questions.

Sources: Press release, AnimeLog's YouTube channel

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