Poll - Tokyopop Exclusives?

How do you feel about Tokyopop's Online Exclusives?

I don't like not being able to buy manga at my favorite store. 451 (29.5%)
Doesn't matter to me yet, I don't follow any of the exclusive series. But if they do it to one of my favorites, then I'd be mad. 343 (22.4%)
If it means Tokyopop will be able to publish (or continue publishing) titles that wouldn't otherwise be released, then I think it's GREAT! 309 (20.2%)
Doesn't bother me, it makes no difference where I buy the manga as long as I get it. 181 (11.8%)
Doesn't apply to me, I don't buy (Tokyopop) manga. 160 (10.5%)
It'll be okay if they allow pre-orders through comic and anime shops. 86 (5.6%)

Total number of votes: 1530

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