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The Newest Rance is Coming Soon From MangaGamer

The infamous Rance is back to save a nation again in Rance IX -The Helmanian Revolution-! With his training complete, Patton turns to his old comrade Rance for aid in reclaiming and revolutionizing his old homeland, the Helmanian Empire. With the promise of new women to bang and the potential key to freeing his servant, Sill, Rance is ready to take charge and lead their party to victory!


This Adult 3D Tactical RPG is sure to keep strategy RPG fans entertained for hours with a customizable fortress, offensive and defensive missions, a wide array of skills to conquer your enemies with, and powerfully animated special attacks to devastate foes! Are you ready to conquer an entire empire with a small force of elite heroes?


Available this February 23rd, you can pre-Order your copy today on MangaGamer and get 10% off this exciting test of tactical skill!


Rance IX -The Helmanian Revolution
The oldest nation to still exist on the Continent is the militant Helmanian Empire.
A country with a long history, and once the most powerful nation in the world,
Helman has experienced years of decay under a corrupt regime.
A civil war, an invasion by a neighboring power, or perhaps both could happen at any moment.
Amidst fears of such turmoil by no small portion of the population,
a man who was once exiled from Helman rises to action.

Years prior, Prince Patton Misnarge fought to prove his worth by invading another country,
but failed and disappeared from the public eye.
Swearing to take his country back, Patton trained and returned a strong and admirable man.
He sought to make use of the peerless champion he met on his journeys to fight to revolutionize Helman.
Yes, the key to his plan was to get the assistance of the strongest and most brutal warrior, Rance.

Rance IX -The Helmanian Revolution
Developer: Alicesoft
Genre: Adventure
Price: $49.95
OS: Windows 7, 8,10
Text Language: English
Age Rating: 18+
Release Date: February 23rd, 2023

MangaGamer.com is the world's biggest publisher of English translated Visual Novels. Since its launch in July 2008, it has offered services where fans can download and enjoy popular Visual Novels such as 07th Expansion's Higurashi: When They Cry series, Alicesoft's infamous Rance series, and Novectacle's critically acclaimed The House in Fata Morgana right from their home. Don't forget to visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Discord!

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