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Delicious in Dungeon
Episode 15

by Grant Jones,

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Delicious in Dungeon ?
Community score: 4.4


Episode 15 of Delicious in Dungeon is a return to a more typical entry in the series with a lot of terrific minor world-building throughout.

This week is more of a typical episode than what we have had the past few weeks. The larger macro-plot - of political machinations, dungeon lords, and corrupted siblings - fades into the background as we return to the meat and potatoes of adventuring and eating monsters. There's a good selection as we get a twofer: one returning monster in the form of the cockatrice, and a new creature in the dryads.

I think the dryads are an interesting take on the concept. Humanoid tree creatures or spirits are standard folklore and fantasy fair, though usually, these depictions are more… hm… branchy, for lack of a better term. Most depictions I've encountered are in the Groot school of living tree creatures wherein they have a humanoid face and body-like trunk with a few bits of greenery for accompaniment. Delicious in Dungeon's take on the dryads is so humanoid they have a siren-like effect on the party. This is interesting, though I prefer the more typical depiction of these creatures. That said, this makes far more sense as a hazard to be encountered in a dungeon where the living tree look would be strange and out of place.

The entire setup with the cockatrice petrifying Marceille is delightful. The notion that she is hardened by rather brittle adds a unique sense of danger and concern that I don't often associate with this status effect. Most depictions usually lean into the idea that the person becomes a hardened stone, whereas here she still feels like she is in mortal danger despite being preserved. Senshi using her as part of his cooking was the added insult (and comedy) to injury.

Trigger animation continues to impress with big action and hilarious facial expressions. The gang all weeping big crocodile tears was a highlight to be sure. My other favorite part had to be Marceille striking the Kabuki theater-esque pose when trying to intimidate the cockatrice.


Grant is the cohost on the Blade Licking Thieves podcast and Super Senpai Podcast.

Delicious in Dungeon is currently streaming on Netflix.

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