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Episode 13

by Theron Martin,

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Episode 13 marks the season finale for Overlord II, bringing with it an expected plethora of flashy fantasy battle sequences. It might be just as impressive for all of its reveals and moments of characterization, however.

With Sebas sidelined by taking Tuare back to Nazarick, Ains is back in the spotlight. Even so, he's still just a major part of the overall ensemble for this episode. His sit-down with Demiurge after they carry their fight out of sight of Evileye reveals the full truth of Demiurge's plans and how Ains knew nothing of them. Demiurge's four-pronged plan was partly to help bolster the adventurer Momon's reputation and partly to cover Nazarick's involvement in taking down Eight Fingers, but the Gehenna part was also a resource grab (remember Ains saying a few episodes back that Nazarick was getting a little tight on resources?) and a personnel expansion, intending to use the humans taken as test subjects. As usual, Ains is several steps behind, but he covers for it impressively well. The other significant reveal is the strong suggestion that Evileye is actually a vampire, as her damaged mask reveals a fang and its full removal later reveals red eyes. I wonder if her Blue Rose counterparts know about that? I also have to wonder if Narbarel's attitude toward her might have been different if she knew that. On other fronts, it would seem that Climb is the one that Demiurge told the other Nazarick denizens was off-limits, based on Shalltear's reaction. However, this episode doesn't clarify why this would be the case.

Speaking of Narbarel, she gets one of the episode's few lighthearted scenes in a conversation with the other Pleiades. Seems that she's the only one who can't be bothered to remember the names of humans, as all of the other Pleiades comment that they don't see it as a big deal. Evileye continuing to go gaga over Momon is still pretty fun, as it seems so contrary to her normal character. On a much more darkly humorous note is the fate of the Eight Fingers lady that Mare dragged off. As timid as Mare seems, he can be pretty darn evil too. Sebas' reaction to learning that Tuare would only be a maid until she's married was also amusing, although it raises the question of who she'd be married to since there aren't any other true humans in Nazarick.

Meanwhile, the action scenes spread the love around. We finally get to see what Lakyus can do in a fight, and she shows why she's worthy of a position as Blue Rose's leader. Evileye also gets to show off more of her capabilities, although she's clearly struggling to handle two of the Pleiades. (My guess is that she could probably go toe-to-toe with one of them.) Ains also gets in some good back-and-forth with Demiurge in the most high-powered scenes. My favorite may have actually been Brain's “rematch” with the masked Shalltear, though more because of the effect it has on Brain than any sharp fighting moves. He's been so put off since his real fight against Shalltear in the first season that he regards just damaging Shalltear's fingernail as a great accomplishment. That may have earned him suitably-dubious looks from Climb and the thief guy, but given how grossly the Nazarick denizens overpower everyone else, it really was an accomplishment, understandable retreat afterward notwithstanding. I also wish Shalltear would dress that way all the time rather than going back to the Goth Loli look. And Climb desperately needs to be more observant around the princess. His future well-being may depend on it.

The end of the episode brings the arc to a suitable stopping point, while the epilogue provides another hook for the next one. A third series has just been announced to debut in Summer 2018. I'm looking forward to more of what has been one of this season's most entertaining series.

Rating: B+

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