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The List
5 Best My Hero Academia Battles

by Jacki Jing & Lynzee Loveridge,

Jacki Jing kicks it into high gear before My Hero Academia Season 4 premieres in October. Get your blood-pumping with the shonen action show's five most spectacular brawls!

5. Stain vs Todoroki, Iida, Deku (Season 2)

Stain's self-righteous sense of “justice” and “truth” led the cold-hearted villain down a dark path with numerous pro-heroes killed and injured in his wake, including Iida's big brother. The Holden Caufield of hero killers if I've ever known one. Desperate to avenge his brother, Iida confronts Stain solo in an alley only to find himself under his boot, literally. Deku rushes in with a powerful punch with Todoroki's elemental blasts close behind, but can a group of heroes-in-training defeat a villain that can render them helpless with the smallest cut? The nail-biting three vs one kept the stakes high as Stain was both talented and crazy enough to kill any of our young heroes.

4. Todoroki vs Deku (Season 2)

Both kids enter their match with plans to win, but Todoroki is still grappling with the dual nature of his two powers: fire and ice. He's comfortable using the ice abilities he inherited from his mother but refuses to rely on the fire power he gained from his violent, absentee father. He's playing with a handicap but he's still a formidable opponent. Likewise, Deku hasn't mastered his own power and has already injured himself earlier in the festival. Todoroki starts his frozen assault as Deku continues to BREAK EACH OF HIS OWN FINGERS to counteract the attack. This is the first fight that really lets Todoroki flex his abilities and show what a powerhouse he is but it also reaffirms that Deku is not one to be trifled with either.

3. Deku vs. Baku Round 2 (Season 3)

Hot-headed Bakugo has just learned that his idol All Might bestowed his power on DEKU, the person he loathes the most. He feels betrayed and angry that someone he considered so weak could be acknowledged by someone he admires so much and he also blames himself for All Might's now depowered state. Bakugo is ready to settle it once and for all and challenges the wary Deku to a real fight in the street. Bakugo brings his explosions against Deku's new kick-focused style but the battle is also mental: Bakugo interprets Deku's concerns as pity, and if there's one thing Bakugo hates, it's to be pitied by someone like Deku. Like true bros, Bakugo and Deku can only truly understand one another after an all-out smash fest (and an intervention from an adult).

2. Two Heroes Final Battle

Talk about a crowd-pleasing finale! Deku and All Might team-up to defeat Wolfram, a villain that can manipulate metal. Deku is armed with a gauntlet that will let him use his full power for three hits without permanently damaging his body. He and All Might charge toward Wolfram, dodging his metallic cords and intent breaking down his defenses. In perfect unison, they scale his tower of debris to perform the awe-inspiring DOUBLE DETROIT SMASH! The super-powered punch obliterates their foe (and probably everything else is a five mile radius).

1. One for All vs All for One

All-Might is finally face to face with his arch-nemesis. His power is waning and All for One is more than happy to gloat about his weakened state. Bakugo is at risk of being converted to side of villains. The stakes have Never. Been. HIGHER. All-Might knows that he still has a mission to fulfill: train Deku to become the next symbol of hope and he's not about to let a villain who sees his subordinates as disposable defeat him in front of the whole world! He gathers up all the hopes, dreams, and power of his predecessors to deliver the final blow: UNITED STATES OF SMASH! The hit lands and sends a clear message to everyone watching: characters and anime fans alike; altruism will defeat greed and giving your all to save those you love will always win!

What are your favorite moments from My Hero Academia? Let us know in the comments!

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