NeoParadox's Anime

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009 Re:Cyborg (movie) Weak
ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. (TV) Very good
Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor (TV) Good
Attack on Titan (TV) Good
Attack on Titan (TV 2/2017) Decent
Baby Steps (TV) Decent
Bakuman. (TV) Very good
Bakuman. 2 (TV) Good
Bakuman. 3 (TV) Good
Barakamon (TV) Excellent
Beyond the Boundary (TV) Decent
Bleach (TV) Very good
Blue Exorcist (TV) Good
Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga (TV) Decent
Blue Spring Ride (TV) Very good
Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV (ONA) Good
Castle in the Sky (movie) Very good
Code Geass: Akito the Exiled (OAV) Decent
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (TV) Good
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 (TV) Very good
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Special Edition 'Zero Requiem' (OAV) Good
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Special Edition 'Black Rebellion' (OAV) Good
Cowboy Bebop (TV) Very good
Deadman Wonderland (TV) Decent
Death Billiards (movie) Good
Death Note (TV) Very good
Death Note Relight - Visions of a God (special) Good
Death Note Relight 2 - L's Successors (special) Not really good
Death Parade (TV) Excellent
(The) Devil is a Part-Timer! (TV) Excellent
Drifters (TV) Good
Durarara!! (TV) Very good
Elfen Lied (TV) Decent
ERASED (TV) Very good
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (movie) Decent
Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club (TV) Decent
Fullmetal Alchemist (TV) Very good
Fullmetal Alchemist: The Movie - Conqueror of Shamballa Decent
Gakuen Heaven (TV) Good
(The) Garden of Sinners (movie series) Very good
(The) Garden of Words (movie) Very good
Grave of the Fireflies (movie) Good
(The) Great Passage (TV) Good
Guilty Crown (TV) Excellent
Hetalia - Axis Powers (TV) Excellent
Hetalia Axis Powers: Paint it, White! (movie) Good
Hetalia World Series (TV) Very good
Howl's Moving Castle (movie) Very good
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (TV) Very good
Junjō Romantica (TV) Very good
Junjō Romantica (OAV) Very good
Junjō Romantica 2 (TV) Very good
Junjō Romantica 3 (TV) Very good
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (TV) Good
Kiznaiver (TV) Decent
Knights of Sidonia (TV) Excellent
Log Horizon (TV) Decent
March comes in like a lion (TV) Very good
Mekakucity Actors (TV) Very good
Naruto (TV) Excellent
Naruto (OAV) Very good
Naruto Shippūden (TV) Very good
No Game, No Life (TV) Very good
No. 6 (TV) Decent
Noragami (TV) Very good
Noragami Aragoto (TV) Very good
One Week Friends (TV) Very good
Poco's Udon World (TV) Very good
Princess Mononoke (movie) Good
Psycho-Pass (TV) Very good
Psycho-Pass 2 (TV) Very good
Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi - The World's Greatest First Love (TV) Excellent
Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi - The World's Greatest First Love (TV 2) Very good
Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi - The World’s Greatest First Love (OAV) Very good
Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya (TV) Good
Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign (TV) Good
(The) Silver Guardian (TV) Decent
Soul Eater (TV) Good
Spirited Away (movie) Very good
Steins;Gate (TV) Masterpiece
Steins;Gate: The Movie - Load Region of Déjà Vu Good
Sukisho (TV) Decent
Summer Wars (movie) Good
Super Lovers (TV) Good
Super Lovers 2 (TV) Good
Sword Art Online II (TV) Very good
Tokyo Ghoul (TV) Excellent
Tonkatsu DJ Agetarō (TV) Good
(The) Tyrant Falls in Love (OAV) Good
Vampire Knight (TV) Good
Vampire Knight Guilty (TV) Very good
Whisper of the Heart (movie) Good
(The) Wind Rises (movie) Good
your name. (movie) Excellent
Yuri!!! on Ice (TV) Very good