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Anime Spotlight - A Place Further Than the Universe

by ANN Staff,

Premiere Date: January 2nd, 2018 (JST)

Streaming available at: Crunchyroll


Production has been green-lit on a brand new TV anime created by director Atsuko Ishizuka, screenwriter Jukki Hanada, and animation Studio Madhouse, the team behind No Game, No Life! This team hasn't just shown their talent in No Game, No LifeAtsuko Ishizuka is a creator who has participated in works of various genres, from artistic masterpieces to top-class entertainment, and Jukki Hanada is a master story-teller who has been part of anime that seem to have a pinch of magic to them like Love Live!. This team of creators joins forces once again to deliver a youthful tale of high school girls in the arctic.


Our first step always began from simple curiousity.
Scenery we've never seen.
Sounds we've never heard.
Scents we've never smelled.
Textures we've never felt.
Food we've never tasted.
And, a heartbeat we've never experienced.
This is a journey we've embarked on in order to pick up the pieces we forgot somewhere along the way, the touching moments we left behind.

I wonder what we'll think when we get there.

The Roaring Forties, Furious Fifties and Shrieking Sixties. A primordial land located across a raging sea, at the south of the planet, separated from civilization. This is the story of four girls on a journey to the South Pole—A Place Further Than the Universe. These are sparkling memories we will make, seeing everything through these girls' eyes.

Character Names & Descriptions & Seiyuu

Mari Tamaki

Voice: Inori Minase

The protagonist of this story who is a second-year in high school. Because of her energetic and positive personality and her sociable attitude, she is loved by her friends. She gets called “Kimari” (Japanese for “decided”) because of her name, but she really doesn't like becoming the leader. She has a curious mind, but she's also a bit cowardly and shy. She often worries about ending up not not being able to do what she wants to do due to her inability to take action.

Shirase Kobuchizawa

Voice: Kana Hanazawa

A second-year at the same school as Kimari with stunning black hair. Despite her beautiful looks, she's shy and isn't good at talking to others. Even when she does open her mouth, she often gets misunderstood, with others thinking that she's just not being nice. She barely has any friends, and is considered to be such a weirdo that she has earned the nickname "Arctic," though Shirase herself might not know that.

Hinata Miyake

Voice: Yuka Iguchi

A girl with plenty of curiosity who hates being bored. This petit girl is extremely friendly, and can make friends with just about anyone immediately. She hates it when someone is left out, and works hard to gain peoples' trust and get along with them.

Yuzuki Shiraishi

Voice: Saori Hayami

A first-year in high school who lives in Hokkaido. She has worked as a child star since she was little due to her mother's influence, and has shown up in various media. Her mental age is quite high, possibly because she has been working since she was young. She is very polite and sociable, but has a tendency to think of herself as unfortunate. As a result, she often complains.


Mari Tamaki
Inori Minase
Shirase Kobuchizawa
Kana Hanazawa
Hinata Miyake
Yuka Iguchi
Yuzuki Shiraishi
Saori Hayami


Original Creator
Atsuko Ishizuka
Series Composition and Script
Jukki Hanada
Character Design
Takahiro Yoshimatsu
Art Setting
Akihiro Hirasawa
Art Director
Saho Yamane
Color Design
Harue Ono
Director of Photography
Yūki Kawashita
3D Director
Daisuke Kusaka
Kashiko Kimura
Sound Director
Jin Aketagawa
Sound Effects
Tsutomu Ueno
Yoshiaki Fujisawa
Music Production
Animation Production
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, National Institute of Polar Research, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, SHIRASE5002 (General Foundation) WNI
A Place Further Than the Universe Production Committee

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