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REVIEW: Stellvia DVD 4

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2005 9:56 am Reply with quote
The end of the Great Mission has also brought us another bonus: the end of Shima Katase as an insecure crybaby.

Laughing Laughing Ok, she gets better. still . . . spoiler[There's a reason episode 19 is called "Crybaby Hothead". She's still insecure, just not in the same way.]

But at least she's more secure for the next volume or so.

And by the way, "We told you so!" (in regards to "it gets better") Very Happy.

Great review, actually. I just felt like being a little nitpicky and sarcastic. Glad you're seeing Stellvia for the excellent series that it is (true, it's no masterpiece, but it is darn good).

Edit: the new ED, End of the World, is in my opinion the better of the 2 ending themes. All of angela's work is awesome, but End of the World definitely takes the cake over Starry Night Sky Wink.
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2005 7:30 pm Reply with quote
This is not a series that I am really excited over, but I decided to invest in it anyway. For some reason, I'm not really fond of anime that takes place in space, but this series seems unique. I heard some good things about Stellvia and thought the "artbox" looked pretty cool, so I decided to pick it up. So far, I only have the first dvd with the "limited edition artbox" and planning on collecting the rest of the series. I hope I won't be disappointed.
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2005 9:21 pm Reply with quote
I read in an article from Newtype USA (Issue #2-11, Nov 2003) that the jar of rock candy that Shipon received in Episode 1 is a symbol for her unstable relationships with her friends. Just like the jagged pieces of the candy, it seems that Shipon's mind is pretty unstable with all of the pressure of performing to her expectations. I'm looking forward to watching how Tatsou Sato developed this aspect heading into the second half of the series.

Carrie Savage is doing a decent job with the dubbing of Shipon, although I think she's a bit pitchy in some areas. I noticed that with some of the other charaters she dubbed during her career (most noticably Hakufu in Ikki Tousen). I also felt that Carlo underated Xebec's animation. While I'm not claiming that Stellvia has A+ animation (it obviously doesn't), I think it's slightly better than the "C" grade it got. It looks more like B-graded animation, but still pretty good.

Overall, another solid review. So far, I'm enjoying Stellvia and can't wait to see how everything plays out in the end. Smile

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2005 12:09 am Reply with quote
actually, I'd say that her relationships with her friends are NOT unstable. They may sometimes be a little shaky, but it is her friends that she ends up falling back on when she falls, and it is her friends in the end who are there to support her. They are more like a solid rock for her to stand on, than the rock candy she has.

Though maybe the rock candy symbolizes the unstable connection SHE has with her friends, whereas on her friends' ends, the relationship is solid, even with Kouta (you'll see what I mean with later volumes Wink). They've ALL essentially committed (I say essentially because they don't exactly state it, but it is obvious in their actions) to supporting and loving (in the platonic sense, and ALSO in the romantic sense when it comes to Kouta) Shima and are there for her through everything (this becomes even MORE apparent later in the series) no matter how she acts and behaves.
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