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This Week in Anime - Great BL? That's a Given

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 11, 2021 6:05 pm Reply with quote
So much to like about the Given movie even though it’s short. It is fast moving but doesn’t feeling rushed. These characters remain well written, flawed as the review said but they’re recognizable people, rather than anime tropes. That’s hard enough to find in any anime, but especially so in a BL Series. And once again, Given really catches some of the creative process that goes into making music. Mafuyu gets called a musical genius more than once but seeing his creative process in the film, you really can believe that.
The movie left out a lot of material from the manga to concentrate on this arc and there are a dozen more chapters and counting. I really hope we get a second season.

And why, oh why has Given not gotten a home release? It certainly deserves one!
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 11, 2021 7:14 pm Reply with quote
Yup, this discussion is really spot-on. I think this movie is a shining exemplar of how to do a TV anime film right.

I also think that this is the best place to remind everybody that this movie received a G rating in Japan. A G! I saw it in a mostly-full theater in which every other audience member was a junior- or senior-high girl, and I think even some of them were surprised (although, er, definitely not unhappy)...
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 12, 2021 10:28 am Reply with quote
I was thinking a lot about Akihiko's "I truly love... the violin" monologue. As someone who loves music and playing music, I understood what he meant completely. I wondered if anyone who doesn't play music can't understand... surely people who devote themselves to sports or anything else can, right? Maybe they were just joking, but I felt like Nicky and Steve didn't quite understand.

Because it's not just Akihiko being in denial. Metaphors aside, I don't think anyone who loved playing the violin could ever have a relationship with Uegetsu. Because no matter how hard they worked and put their soul into it, they would never be able to measure up. In fact, Uegetsu recognized this. He wanted Akihiko to love playing the violin like he used to. He recognized that he wasn't just smothering Akihiko from a relationship standpoint, but creatively. The fact that Akihiko goes back to performing violin (and being okay with getting 4th place in a competition) isn't just him moving on from Uegetsu, it's him growing to accept that he can still love something without having to be the best at it.
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