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EP. REVIEW: Peach Boy Riverside

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 21, 2021 4:43 pm Reply with quote
It should at least be interesting to see how this turns out once it's done. I'm not sure how rearranging the plot will make up for the source not being finished, but I guess that's something that will have to be analyzed once the series concludes.
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chex mix

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 21, 2021 8:06 pm Reply with quote
So far the show has a lot of interesting disparate elements working for it, as well as a sense of real potential once it figures out what it's doing. Unfortunately, it definitely does not yet know what it's doing. I imagine this is going to be one of those shows that someone wrecked by trying to be too artsy with the structure and upon rewatch in proper order will probably be a lot better show.

I'm here for Frau though.
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 21, 2021 9:23 pm Reply with quote
I thought the first episode was choppy and the way it was handling its theme of prejudice was a little clunky, but I wanted to continue to watch in part because of Frau the rabbit person and her design. Then episodes 2 and 3 happened. While episode 2 is connected to the first episode it ends in a cliffhanger and then unconnected episode 3 ends also with a cliffhanger. (slow clap) Way to sap the enjoyment out of it. Then I read that the episodes are out of order, because the manga is ongoing. Rolling Eyes Oh? You mean every other anime has its source material complete? Give me a break. Either this is nothing but a stunt or worse case scenario they expect to end it in a perhaps not a great place. So I'm dropping it, maybe if I hear great things about it and its been put in order I might pick it up again.
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, 2021 5:01 pm Reply with quote
Do we have the permutation of Crunchyroll episodes needed to watch in proper order? I think I'm done with watching it as it airs; I like it, but just don't see the benefit to this ordering choice. Just gonna wait until it completes and watch it in the more coherent order.

EDIT: Ah, looks like the wikipedia entry is keeping track of the "time series order". That'll do. Bummer not to be able to follow the show or this thread while it's airing, but I think it'll be much nicer to watch this in the order the events unfold.
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 23, 2021 3:46 pm Reply with quote
I don't know anything about the source material, but so far the reordering of episodes hasn't felt that out of place. The latest episode may have been originally the first, but there are plenty enough series that do toss an "explanation" episode like this one in much closer to the end of their runs too, so it's not a big deal IMO. It has plenty of stuff in it that they could have gone even further back on, such as Mikoto's backstory, or any real details about the oni. The end of the prior episode I could see being more of an issue because it legitimately ends on a cliffhanger that we have not seen any resolution to and have no real perception of when we might.

So far, I would wager my initial estimation of this strategy still holds; if you are someone who was actively interested in the show or is genuinely interested in quirks like this one, you are more likely to be following the story. If you're not, you're not. They were likely hoping curiosity caught people and held them. I suppose we still don't know to what extent that has come true.
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Hiroki not Takuya

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 23, 2021 10:55 pm Reply with quote
The episode review of PBR has definitely fulfilled it's purpose for me after seeing only Ep1. Thanks for letting me know that things do not get noticeably better at Ep4 so I don't have to sit through three dumb episodes to find that out. If 40% of people think Frau (=Mrs. in German BTW which makes it weird for a sailor-suited lanky HS girl with a dango head) is the best thing in this story, there is too little going for it to continue with it. Have fun all....
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