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The World God Only Knows (TV)

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In the beginning of episode 1, the game heroine Keima woos is named "Yuu". The heroine is voiced by Yuu Kobayashi, a famous voice actress. Although this is a pun in the anime, in the manga the heroine's name was Yuu as well.

Several episodes of World God Only Know are named after Beatles songs.

In "Chapter 6", there is a scene in the first minute which is seen Kanon, letter-shaped, similar to those of Yu-Gi-Oh '

In Chapter 6, there is a scene in the first minute which is seen Kanon, letter-shaped, similar to those of Yu-Gi-Oh '

In episode 2 and episode 3 there is a Beatles reference. 2.5 is Baby You're a Rich Girl and 3.0 is Drive my Car. Baby You're a Rich Man and Drive my Car being the songs referenced here.

In episode 2, at 05:17, a sign on a building is referencing Shuffle! as the style of the anime name is extremely similar.

In episode 3, at around 9:28-9:40, the carriage that Elsie created for Katsuragi to drive Mio around is a Zaku head from the Gundam series .

During the dance in episode 3, Keima cites the famous Konami code.

In Episode 3, when Keima tell Elcea about discussions related to dating, a special scene enters, is a parody of the english literature based anime "Heidi"

In Episode 5, When Keima discussed about Real Idol versus Virtual Idol to Elcea, Keima's declaration pose is a parody of Char Aznable declaration pose from the anime Mobile Suit Gundam : Char's Counterattack

In Episode 5, Kanon Nakagawa's is now a commecial model and product endorser of Coca Cola

In Episode 6, Kanon's Desktop computer with a Desktop Wallpaper and her operating system, is a parody of Microsoft Windows 7 except the icons, the taskbar, the sidebar and the start button is different

In Episode 7, the invisible Kanon's Falling in the building scene is a parody of the scenes from the anime movie "Ghost in the Shell" where Motoko Kusanagi is falling the building even in her cloaking device.

In episode 8, At around 03:22 while Keima is giving Elcea the riot act about being weird, he makes a reference to weird characters usually turning out to be special somehow. The silhouette we see to the right of Elcea is unmistakably a certain member of the SOS Brigade from The Melancholy of Susumiya Haruhi series. Looking closely the silhouette is Haruhi in her famous pointing while dancing pose seen from behind.

In episode 8, when Keima tells Elcea that troublemakers are usually special, the silhouettes in the background (from L to R) are Maetel from Galaxy Express 999, Doraemon, and Haruhi Suzumiya.

In Episode 10, when Keima and Elcea are discussing related to the library girl & inner voice, a special scene appears at the house located at the top of the cliff, Keima as Black Jack, Elcea as Pinoko and Shiori Shiomiya as the patient, all are parody from the late Tezuka Osamu's anime "BLACK JACK"

In episode 11, around 11 seconds into the second half, Shiori holds up a book titled: "Ergo Proxy XVI: busy doing nothing". XVI is the roman numeral for 16. This is a reference to Ergo Proxy (TV), episode 16: busy doing nothing. Ergo Proxy was also animated by Manglobe: the same studio that animated The World God Only Knows.

In episode 12, at 12:13, Di Gi Charat's Dejiko runs by.

In episode 12, game center arashi is commonly reference here.

In episode 12, around 10:03 right before intermission, you can see Keima wearing the same clothing as Ash from Pokemon, reference to "Gotta Catch em all!"

In Episode 12, around 02:10 Haqua's buddy is passing by in front of the Cafe

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