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Management of a Novice Alchemist (TV)

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Alternative title:
La Novella Alchimista apre Bottega (Italian)
Management of Novice Alchemist
Shinmai Renkinjutsushi no Tenpo Keiei (Japanese)
新米錬金術師の店舗経営 (Japanese)
Plot Summary: Orphaned Sarasa just graduated from the Royal Alchemist Academy, and that means her longed-for life of elegance and riches is close at hand. As a graduation gift, her teacher gifts her a house to set up shop — but Sarasa’s dilapidated new digs are beyond far-flung. The novice alchemist is stuck in the middle of nowhere with a business to run and supplies to gather from a very dangerous natural world. Whether it’s facing down frightening fantasy creatures or finding creative ways to attract customers, Sarasa has her work cut out for her as she achieves her dream of becoming the greatest alchemist around.
User Ratings: 276 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 28 votes (sub:27, raw:1)
 Excellent: 52 votes (sub:49, dub:3)
 Very good: 60 votes (sub:58, dub:2)
 Good: 64 votes (sub:59, dub:4, others:1
1 Portuguese subtitled
 Decent: 44 votes (sub:44)
 So-so: 11 votes (sub:11)
 Not really good: 10 votes (sub:10)
 Weak: 3 votes (sub:3)
 Bad: 4 votes (sub:4)
 Awful: -
 Worst ever: -
Seen in part or in whole by 375 users, rank: #2572 (of 9407)
Median rating: Good
Arithmetic mean: 7.435 (Good+), std. dev.: 1.6959, rank: #2024 (of 9516)
Weighted mean: 7.416 (Good+), rank: #1901 (of 9516) (seen all: 7.60 / seen some: 6.33 / won't finish: 4.14)
Bayesian estimate: 7.420 (Good+), rank: #1629 (of 7150)
Episode titles: We have 12
Vintage: 2022-10-03
Opening Theme:
"Hajimaru Welcome" (Starting Welcome) by Aguri Ōnishi
Ending Theme:
"Fine Days" by Nanaka Suwa
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Blu-ray (Region A)
    Management of a Novice Alchemist - Complete Collection (Blu-ray) 2023-11-28 (from $34.99)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Hiroshi Ikehata
Series Composition: Shigeru Murakoshi
Hiroko Fukuda (eps 4, 6, 9)
Kazuho Hyodo (eps 3, 7, 10)
Shigeru Murakoshi (6 episodes
eps 1-2, 5, 8, 11-12

Hiroaki Shimura (ep 12)
Hiroshi Ikehata (eps 1, 6, 11)
Ice Mugino (ep 10)
Marina Maki (ED)
Masaharu Okuwaki (ep 5)
Masao Kawase (OP)
Namako Umino (eps 4, 8)
Rin Teraoka (ep 2)
Shinichi Watanabe (ep 7)
Toshihiko Masuda (eps 3, 9)
Episode Director:
Chihiro Kumano (eps 6, 12)
Hideki Tonokatsu (ep 8)
Ken Katō (ep 3)
Marina Maki (eps 1, 11)
Mizuki Sasaki (ep 4)
Shigeki Awai (ep 5)
Shuuji Yoshida (ep 9)
Yuki Kanazawa (eps 2, 7)
Yuri Hagiwara (ep 10)
Unit Director: Marina Maki (OP, ED)
Music: Harumi Fuuki
Original creator: Mizuho Itsuki
Original Character Design: fuumi
Character Design: Yōsuke Itō
Art Director: Kazuhiro Arai
Chief Animation Director:
Chinatsu Kameyama (eps 7-8, 10)
Shinpei Koikawa (eps 2, 4-5)
Yōsuke Itō (OP, ED; 7 episodes
eps 1, 3, 6, 8-9, 11-12

Animation Director:
Chinatsu Kameyama (OP; eps 1, 6)
Hikari Aonuma (OP; 8 episodes
eps 3-5, 7-10, 12

Marina Maki (ED)
Masaaki Uikawa (OP; eps 3-6, 8-12)
Yoshiki Masui (OP; eps 1, 6, 11-12)
Sound Director: Satoshi Motoyama
Director of Photography: Haruka Serizawa

Animation producer: Keiichi Ando
Art Setting: Kazuhiro Arai
Color design: Eiko Nishi
Editing: Akinori Mishima (Mishima Editing Room)
Key Animation:
Chinatsu Kameyama (ep 3)
Hikari Aonuma (ep 6)
Hiroyuki Takeuchi (OP; ep 12)
Ryūki Hashimoto (OP; 5 episodes
eps 1, 3, 6, 11-12

Yoshiki Masui (OP; ep 3)
Line Producer: Takara Nishigori
LO Supervision: Masao Kawase
Production Advancement:
Yuri Hagiwara (ep 10)
Yūtarō Hoshino (ED)
Production Desk: Yūtarō Hoshino
Theme Song Arrangement:
Masashi Kanasaki (ED)
Ryūhei Kinoshita (OP)
Theme Song Composition:
Masashi Kanasaki (ED)
Ryūhei Kinoshita (OP)
Theme Song Lyrics:
Shio Watanabe (ED)
Theme Song Performance:
Aguri Ōnishi (OP)
Nanaka Suwa (ED)
Kanon Takao as Sarasa Ford 

Ami Koshimizu as Maria
Hina Kino as Rorea
Mitsuki Saiga as Ophelia Millis
Nanaka Suwa as Kate Starven
Saori Ōnishi as Iris Lotze

Akira Sekine as Student (ep 1)
Genki Muro as Bandit C (ep 8)
Genta Nakamura as Sarasa's Father (eps 1, 8, 12)
Hayato Kaneko as Young Man A (ep 2)
Hiromichi Tezuka as Adelbert Lotze (ep 10)
Kanata Tanaka as Orphanage Teacher (ep 1)
Katsunori Okai as
Corrupt Alchemist (ep 4)
Grey (8 episodes
eps 3, 5-6, 8-12
Kazuyuki Okitsu as Gree Dilly (ep 8)
Kenta Miyake as Andre (eps 3-6, 8-12)
Kōhei Yanagi as Darna (eps 4, 12)
Kōsuke Okamoto as Bandit A (ep 8)
Masumi Asano as Leonora (eps 4, 8-9)
Miki Natsutani as Sarasa's Mother (eps 1, 12)
Mio Ninomiya as Student (ep 1)
Nanako Mori as Filiorne (ep 8)
Nobuyuki Hiyama as Geberk (eps 2-5, 12)
Riho Sugiyama as Elyn (eps 5, 10-12)
Ryou Sugisaki as Head Clerk (eps 1, 8, 12)
Saeko Akiho as Orphanage Director (ep 1)
Saori Terai as Delal (eps 2-4, 11-12)
Sara Matsumoto as Caterina Starven (ep 10)
Satomi Arai as Elles (eps 2-3, 12)
Takuya Nakashima as
Bandit B (ep 8)
Gizdo (eps 2, 4, 12)
Ligarex (ep 6)
Man A (ep 3)
Yōhei Hamada as Gil (8 episodes
eps 3, 5-6, 8-12
Yū Wakabayashi as Jasper (eps 3, 12)
Yuuki Sanpei as Dudley (eps 4, 11)
Yuuki Tamai as
Mayor (eps 2-5)
Practical Exam Instructor A (ep 1)
Japanese companies
Animation Production: ENGI
Animation Production Cooperation:
Frontier Engine (eps 3, 9)
Makaria (ep 10)
Mighty Max Movie (eps 2, 7)
One's work (eps 4, 8)
Editing Studio: Mishima Editing Room
Music Production: Nippon Columbia
English cast
English staff
Brittney Karbowski as Sarasa Feed

Alyssa Marek as Maria
Donna Bella Litton as Iris Lotze
Jade Kelly as Kate Starven
Juliet Simmons as Lorea
Molly Searcy as Ophelia Millis

Adam Gibbs as
Bandit Brood
Gray (8 episodes
eps 3, 5-6, 8-12

Alyssa Marek as Villager
Benjamin McLaughlin as
Floppy Gatherer
Brandon Hearnsberger as Sarasa’s Father (eps 1, 8, 12)
Cat Thomas as
Flying Squirrel Bunny
Frostfang Bats
Teacher Glasses
Chris Patton as
Alchemy Sleeze
Villager Poofy Bangs
Clint Bickham as
Eyepatch Bandit (ep 8)
Gray Bun Clerk (eps 1, 8, 12)
Slick Gatherer
Cyrus Rodas as
Round Bandit (ep 8)
David Lascoe as Darna (eps 4, 12)
Donna Bella Litton as Student
Elissa Cuellar as
Elles (eps 2-3, 12)
Teacher Ruby
Jack Stansbury as
Hellflame Grizzlies
Villager Ponytail
Jay Hickman as Adelbert Lotze (ep 10)
Joe Daniels as
Bandit Brood
Dudley (eps 4, 11)
Gree Dilly (ep 8)
John Swasey as
Jasper (eps 3, 12)
Yellow Shirt
Kyle Colby Jones as
Gizdo (eps 2, 4, 12)
Leach Monster
Luis Galindo as Mayor (eps 2-5)
Marcy Bannor as School Director (ep 1)
Matthew David Rudd as Andre (eps 3-6, 8-12)
Melissa Pritchett as
Delal (eps 2-4, 11-12)
Visiting Alchemist
Natalie Rial as
Ponytail Clerk (eps 1, 8, 12)
Patricia Duran as
Leonora (eps 4, 8-9)
Samantha Stevens as Filiorne (ep 8)
Scott Gibbs as
Blue Shirt
Gill (8 episodes
eps 3, 5-6, 8-12

Villager Side Fluff
Shannon Emerick as
Caterina Starven (ep 10)
Shannon Reed as Scar Bandit (ep 8)
Sophia Marcelle as Elyn (eps 5, 10-12)
Star Carter as Sarasa’s Mother (eps 1, 12)
Ty Mahany as Geberk (eps 2-5, 12)
English companies
Distributor: Distribution Solutions (United States and Canada)
Internet Streaming: HIDIVE
Licensed by: Sentai Filmworks
Production: Sentai Studios
Italian staff
Italian companies
Distributor: Yamato Video
Internet Streaming: Anime Generation
Italian cast
German staff
German cast
Dubbing Director: Nicolle Gonsior
Lisa Dzyadyk as Sarasa Feed

Francis Dichmann as Kata Starven
Jana Tausendfreund as Iris Lotze
Kerstin Dietrich as Maria
Laura Preiss as Ophelia Millis

Bettina Redlich as Elles (eps 2-3, 12)
Christopher Kussin as Andre (eps 3-6, 8-12)
Dagmar Dempe as Delal (eps 2-4, 11-12)
Dustin Peters as Gizdo (eps 2, 4, 12)
Felix Auer as Gil (8 episodes
eps 3, 5-6, 8-12
Janina Dietz as Leonora (eps 4, 8-9)
Manfred Trilling as Adelbert Lotze (ep 10)
Marie-Jeanne Widera as Erin (eps 5, 10-12)
Stefan Günther as
Geberk (eps 2-5, 12)
Yoku Bāru
Wolfgang Haas as Grey (8 episodes
eps 3, 5-6, 8-12
German companies
Distributor: Peppermint Anime

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