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The characters Akira Maeda and Masked Takenouchi are loosely based on famous wrestlers,Takenouchi is based on the destroyer and Maeda is based on a wrestler by the same name

The domestic release title of volume 1, "Cromartian Rhapsody," is a parody of the 1975 Queen song "Bohemian Rhapsody." The cover is a parody of Queen's 1974 album Queen II, which was also used as the opening pose for the band's videos "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "One Vision" (1985).

The domestic release title of volume 2, "Hey Dude," is a parody of the 1967 Beatles song "Hey Jude." The cover is a parody of The Beatles' 1963 album Please Please Me.

Note the "Ok Computer" phrase on Kiichi Fujimoto's knuckles. That's a song by Radiohead.

Episode 2: Kamiyama turns into Piyocola Analogue III from Di Gi Charat for a moment at about 1:45. Her line here is even spoken by her original seiyuu.

Episode 17: The first question asked in the quiz game to decide who is the #1 boss is about the real-life idol group Morning Musume. The question is, "After the latest member change of the popular group Morning Musume, which phase are they in now?" Morning Musume is known for its constantly changing line-up, as members are always joining or leaving, with a new girl or group of girls added nearly every year. Each time a group of new members is added, it is said that they are a new "generation," and are referred to as "Fifth Generation," "Sixth Generation," etc… In this case, the answer given was "the sixth phase." This refers to the sixth generation being the most recently added (at the time this episode was produced).

Episode 25: Dejiko from Di Gi Charat makes a quick appearance at about 9:15, and again at 10:41. Also, in the "ending picture," both she and Puchiko appear again. Their original seiyuu speak their lines.

Episode 26: A Parody of Maria-sama ga miteiru

In the last episode where all the characters take on their female personas, Freddie's outfit is the same that Queen's frontman Freddie Mercury wore in the music video for 'I Want To Break Free', right down to the revealing bra straps!

At the beginning of episode 25, the title on the left lower coner say 'A hole lotta love' which a pun of the song 'Whole Lotta Love' by Led Zeppelin.

The song that the cast hums in episode 3 is "Ningen Nante" (1990) by Takurou Yoshida.

In episode 22, lots of Beatles and other song titles appear like 'You Never Give me Your Name', 'You won't see me', 'Stranger in a Strange land' and 'Boys and Girls'.

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