Tomokazu Sugita Voices 7 Different Ikemen Beauty Products

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Popular voice actor Tomokazu Sugita is lending his chops to not one, but seven different handsome characters in a recent product campaign. Sugita will voice seven gorgeous "skin specialists" for the Matsumoto Kiyoshi Company, the largest drugstore chain in Tokyo. The campaign's story imagines a salon on a hill where seven "cleansing sommeliers" recommend which skin products are the best for their clients. Character designs were provided by Ruka Urumiya.

Each character has an individual page on the campaign website. Visitors can choose the character of their choice and read through a visual novel-style scenario with voice acting. Customers who purchase the characters' "recommended" products will receive points and passwords to access more content on the site.

Sugita will star as:

Joshua Shiratori with Biore Moisture-Rich Cotton Cloths

Sakutarō Mochida with Mellsavon Floral Herb Cleansing Gel

Rei Tokunaga with Shiseido Elixer Superiur Make-Up Cleansing Cream

Kei Manaka with Sofina Oil Make-Up Remover

Minato Tsutsui with Kose Cosmeport Speedy Cleansing Liquid

Seiichirō Kiryū with Pond's Age Beauty Cleansing Cream

Nao Yoshino with Mandom Uru Ochisui Cleansing Lotion

Sugita is no stranger to voicing handsome guys. He's starred in Neil inThe World is Still Beautiful, Hidenori Goto in Samurai Flamenco, Joseph Joestar in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and Reisi Munakata in K, to name a few.

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