Keigo Atobe Tops List of Twitter Birthday Well-Wishes

posted on by Bamboo Dong

Of all the characters who celebrated their birthdays last month, including the dozens who were born on 10/10, four of them racked up more Twitter well-wishes than anyone else.


Prince of Tennis' Keigo Atobe took an easy first place, with 800,000 birthday messages, and Love Live!'s Eli Ayase taking the #2 spot at 600,000 birthday wishes. Third place belonged to Haikyu!!'s Kenma Kozume at 400,000 Tweets, and Tiger & Bunny's Barnaby Brooks Jr. coming in fourth at 100,000.

Atobe has always been popular—every Valentine's Day, he is showered with thousands of chocolates from fans. This year, confectioner Morinaga even created a chocolate mural depicting the character's face.

They upped their game for his birthday, creating a chocolate floor mural that was, naturally, visited by throngs of adoring fans, many of whom left flowers and other gifts.

Twitter wishes consisted of birthday cakes, mini-shrines, gobs of fanart, and combinations of the above.

Other characters weren't without their own ridiculous displays of affection—Namco even gave Barnaby Brooks Jr. his own rosé wine at their Characro Bar and Cafe, but it seems that for now, Atobe is still the prince... at least, the prince of October birthdays.

[Via Otakomu]

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