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'Bathing Boyfriends' Make a Scented Splash in Aromatherapy Manga

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

TMS Entertainment's line of bishōnen bathing products inspired a manga last fall. Anna Takamura launched the Nyūyoku Kareshi -Hadaka de Aroma Healing- (Bathing Boyfriends: Naked Aroma Healing) series Kadokawa's B's-LOG COMIC magazine on October 31, and the first compiled book volume shipped on February 1. To celebrate the manga, the website Nijimen posted an introduction to Takamura's series on Sunday.

In the manga, the eight main male characters aged 17-32 become "bath rangers" to heal the Aya no Yu bath house's fatigued patrons. They use distinct scents such as rosemary and strawberry to rejuvenate visitors.

The manga's story centers on eight young men who want to use the healing products of effective scents from a bath house to treat tired, stressed-out people. The guys bring people to the Aya no Yu bath house to recuperate and heal their hearts and bodies. In the first chapter, they help a man who works for a demanding "black company." As with many Japanese workers, the employee commonly works on weekends and is forced to participate in company drinking parties. The young men contribute their trademark aromas at Aya no Yu to help him unwind.

The 27-year-old system engineer has been working for a big IT company for three years when he comes to relax at the bath house. Yamato unleashes "Rosewood IT Revolution" on the man. Meanwhile, Eijirō offers his "Love and Berry Tropical Attack."

The product line debuted in February 2016 with eight attractive male characters representing scents. TMS Entertainment released character descriptions when it launched the line.

Yamato Ayanokōji (rosewood)
Yamato is a 27-year-old IT company president born on November 23 (Sagittarius) with blood type B and is 180 centimeters (5'11") tall.

Shota Sugimizu (cedar wood)
Shota is a 20-year-old university student born on April 2 (Aries) with blood type A and is 173 centimeters (5'8" inches) tall.

Riku Kikawa (lemongrass)
Riku is an 18-years-old high school student born on July 26 (Leo) with blood type O and is 178 centimeters (5'10") tall.

Yukari Yagi (eucalyptus)
Yukari is a 21-year-old university student born on July 8 (Cancer) with blood type AB and is 175 centimeters (5'9") tall.

Kōga Konomi (rosemary)
Kōga is a 25-year-old pastry chef born on April 23 (Taurus) with blood type A and is 189 centimeters (6'2") tall.

Reiji Shino (blueberry)
Reiji is a 32-year-old bartender born on June 6 (Gemini) with blood type AB and is 174 centimeters (5'8") tall.

Eijirō Tsurumi (strawberry)
Eijirō is a 23-year-old nursery school teacher born on December 29 (Capricorn) with blood type O and is 183 centimeters (6'0") tall.

Simon Kufasnewski (grapefruit)
Simon is a 17-year-old foreign exchange student born on January 29 (Aquarius) with blood type O and is 168 centimeters (5'6") tall.

The 12th chapter of the separate Nyūyoku Kareshi web comic debuted on Thursday. Unlike the Takamura's series, the main character of the webs manga is a woman. The Nyūyoku Kareshi product line currently includes tin badges, bath sets, bath salts, lip packs, and aroma soaps.

Source: Nijimen

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