Pretty Boys & Alcohol Blend for a Sweet Collaboration

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Last year, an NHK program attempted to inform viewers about different varieties of wine by dressing them up as handsome guys. This ploy isn't a new one, but boy is it popular. Bandai Namco Entertainment got wind of the idea it seems, since the company is rolling out a handsome sake variant to double as an internet video program and game, Miki no Mikoto (literally: Lords of Sacred Sake), through its &Cast!!! app.

The story takes place in a large downtown area where gods and ayakashi (supernatural monsters) are rumored to appear. The town is called "Matsuyoian" and Seishu no Miko (refined sake princes) work there as shop-keeps.

The official website revealed eight sake princes so far. Each character corresponds to a real sake variety available for purchase from a real brewery.

This doesn't mark the first time that Japan's iconic wine got the anthro treatment. Social game developer Alt Plus took a similar approach in 2016 in collaboration with at least 30 sake brewers. That project was called ShuShu ("shu" is another reading of the character for sake), and it planned to encompass a game and spread overseas eventually. The official website is still alive and introduced a new character in April.

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